Saturday, 28 March 2009

She leaves me in a cold, cold sweat.

Today's look was a bit all over the place because I was going shopping today in the last days of the sale season and I was (a) a bit lazy and (b) knew that I was going to be trying on a lot and so I opted to wear something tres simple and comfortable.

Photographed, it doesn't translate that well but I'm pretty sure I looked half decent when rummaging around the clothes bins like a crazy person.

  • Handmade batik top
  • Unlabelled black skinny jeans
  • The Fly chrome flats
  • Pearls
  • Kookai tartan bag

In the end I only got two things but they were pretty wicked, I reckon. One of them was a vintage top with a lace collar and the prettiest gem buttons and the other was a pair of nude patent wedges with bobbles in the front. I am in love. Oh so so so badly in love. I can't wait to pair both with a pretty summer dress of some sort.

Also, since apparently all women have to have a nude shoe, I am now officially a woman.


I then ventured to Zara...which was a HUGE mistake because every single pair of heel there were awesomely high with a chunky heel and complicated drool-inducing straps and every single one of them were WAY out of my price range. The cheapest being Rp. 500,000.

Man, I hate being price conscious sometimes.

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