Saturday, 28 March 2009

She leaves me in a cold, cold sweat.

Today's look was a bit all over the place because I was going shopping today in the last days of the sale season and I was (a) a bit lazy and (b) knew that I was going to be trying on a lot and so I opted to wear something tres simple and comfortable.

Photographed, it doesn't translate that well but I'm pretty sure I looked half decent when rummaging around the clothes bins like a crazy person.

  • Handmade batik top
  • Unlabelled black skinny jeans
  • The Fly chrome flats
  • Pearls
  • Kookai tartan bag

In the end I only got two things but they were pretty wicked, I reckon. One of them was a vintage top with a lace collar and the prettiest gem buttons and the other was a pair of nude patent wedges with bobbles in the front. I am in love. Oh so so so badly in love. I can't wait to pair both with a pretty summer dress of some sort.

Also, since apparently all women have to have a nude shoe, I am now officially a woman.


I then ventured to Zara...which was a HUGE mistake because every single pair of heel there were awesomely high with a chunky heel and complicated drool-inducing straps and every single one of them were WAY out of my price range. The cheapest being Rp. 500,000.

Man, I hate being price conscious sometimes.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

And there was light...

Watched Dragonball: Evolution today, it was so bad, it was good. Got into an argument with the mother about the placement of the skirt. Might be going to go vintage shopping tomorrow with the grandmother.
  • George ASDA yellow blouse
  • H&M skirt
  • Dad's leather belt
  • Giordano sandals

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ha ha LAUGHTER ha ha

Once upon a long long time ago I came upon this post over at Fashiontoast (which is one of my favourite fashion blogs ever, you must seriously check it out) and I found the idea of fake bodystockings quite intriguing...and so I tried it for myself.

It's a bit glam-goth, if I may say so myself and it does feel kinda awesome to wear...the only lame part is that I cut the neckline a bit too long and so the shoulder part of my fake bodystocking kept slipping off.


Also...I got my very first laugh today! I've been wonderinf when I would catch someone laughing over my outfits and so far before today no one has laughed at me visibly. But today I caught this mother-daughter duo laughing away at me. I'm not sure if it was the tights or the shoes, but for a second there I actually felt self conscious before I realised that it was ok to not be completely in trend with thos eugly tie-dye tops I feel the urge to burn.

  • Unlabelled black lace minidress
  • DIY black skirts
  • Unlabelled sheer black tights
  • Sheer black tights turned into body stockings (DIY)
  • Real combat boots

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Babyliss pro 230 radiance

This is my baby.
I cannot live without it.

This hair straightener by far is the best. I cannot remember why i wanted it...o yea i do. They are steam straighteners, it make the hair feel so moisturised *giggles*
So basically I do not know what else to say because they are so damn good...
...except this is better than GHDs.

Yup you have heard BETTER THAN GHDs

My hair stayed straight for a week compared to GHDs which only stayed straight for 1day, it felt so moisturised not brittle and it had great movement.
AND it was shiny!!!

O and it is my favourite colour RED

Unfortunately, these straighteners cost the maximum of £130, so if i were you look out for bargains online.

Anyways enough of me...

*Sounding like advert voice over* If you want more information please look at this website:

I don't know but I've been told.

Decided to keep it simple today because I wasn't really going anywhere except grocery shopping. Plus my face sucked.
  • New Look black shorts
  • Second-hand nude top
  • Unlabelled sheer black tights
  • Combat boots

What's hot in spring 09

This season, even though there is a global recession (sorry had to put economics in, i love that subject dammit) does not mean that us females have to look so damn awful.

So what is in this spring is EXPENSIVE (well cheaper in high street *grin*) and sparkly this includes metallic colours like gold and silver (well more of gold) gems and crystals.
The thing that is scary is that in my textiles coursework trend forecast i predicted all of this would be in fashion teheheh

Normally people would think that silky and sparkly fabrics are only meant for evening wear...BOY ARE YOU WRONG! gold skirts and tight pants can be worn during the day, and if you are in a job you still can be hot with a silver shirt...**squeee**

Overalls are also hot this season which come in black white and neutral colours...thing is i like them anyway and do not really follow these fashionistas as they can be really slow

Would you like to be outside in you PJs...i think not...although i know some losers who have done this...

...ANYWAYS...yes the most shocking thing in season is...uh huh...pyjamas. Vivien Westwood and Dolce and Gabbana have got pyjama suits in their catwalks...which i find crazy.

So i am going to watch out for that in London...

Classic American style is also back in. So watch out for Denim, Leather and comfortable T-shirts. Thank God comfort is back in the catwalk I've had enough pain looking good.

As for the extras...

Hats: straw hats and classic fedoras

Shoes: super much higher can they get??!

Bags: Reptile clutch bags and bags that are bigger than your body hehe i love them!

Jewelry: Big and bold, this includes large plastic bracelets and large earrings.

That is it for the spring season.

Hope you enjoy shopping.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chickenpox in Monochrome

I'm going out to my kid cousin's birthday party in Pizza Hut. Man, I love me some Pizza Hutt. Well, this is the other top that I got from thrifting and it's gorgeous. Ever so slightly semi-sheer and oh-so 80s with the shoulder pads and the polkadots excite me. The fabric is also gorgeous, it's satin and so suitable in the hot weather we're currently experiencing. God, I can imagine this with a short black skirt or with a turtleneck and black tights.


Anyway, my friend got me a pair of these proper combat boots (official army boots) that are so adorable. They're kinda heavy but I'm sure that's half the appeal and the whole monochrome effect is kinda cool too.


I actually was going to fall down and that's why I'm ever so slightly fuzzy and touching holding onto the door of my wardrobe. Teehee.

I painted my nails and toes red. Love. It's the classic Revlon Red that everybody loves.


  • Vintage 80's polkadot top
  • Unlabelled black skinny jeans
  • Unlabelled black bead necklace
  • Nine West black lace heels

Monday, 16 March 2009

Cookie Monster

THE hottest coat I have ever seen. Ever. It's a vintage rabbit fur coat and I love it. It's so dramatic and so out there and yet I would look totally normal hanging out with Audrey Hepburn with a cigarette holder and a pair of sunnies. Also looks damned cozy too (though the weather in Indonesia wouldn't allow me to wear something like this).
Man, if only I had money to spend.
xxx TalkingMonkee

Bold ambition

Here is my mini dress that i made for my mate's birthday. Took me a couple of days to design and make.
Sleeves are bloody annoying to make though.
What do you think?

BabyEpiphany XXX

Sunday, 15 March 2009


I have finished my dress and it looks good (i hope it does)
But i have been ill all weekend so will take pics tomorrow

BabyEpiphany XXX

Climb the thin trellis

Went to a family affair today. It was OK and nothing to be excited about but at least I got to wear my new stuff. I put my hair up in a messy bun because I was too tired to be bothered with it and it was so freaking hot today.

  • Vintage see through net shirt
  • Down Under black tank top
  • Talbott's flower motif skirt
  • The Fly chrome flats

xxx TalkingMonkee

Saturday, 14 March 2009

White horses

The new minidress I purchased last weekend at the sale. It's gorgeous paired with heels but I went with converses because I liked the tackiness of matchy-matchy (with the collar). The bottom layer was extremely sheer though and I had to wear a nude skirt under it so I was fully covered.


I love the minidress coz it's ruffly and there's just so many other ways to wear it other than it being a dress, and so I'm really excited about this piece and I'm glad that my scavening sale skills have not failed me as of yet.

Also, the two other pieces are what I got when I went thrifting and trust me they are hella gorgeous. The first one is a sheer netted shirt that made me fall in love with it straightaway with all the mouth-watering possibilities and the second is an 80s polkadotted satin blazer type thing. I wasn't sure about it at first but after my friends kept going that it's "so me" then I decided that I should try it and seriously, this piece is love.

The tacky bronze buttons are quite genius too.

  • Caravel white ruffle minidress
  • Converse blue hightops

xxx TalkingMonkee

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Shoe lust...yum yum!

Shoe lust shoe lust shoe lust!!!!!!

Agh, too much yummy-nes overload, well, I'm going to thrift this Saturday anyway, though I guess there isn't a big chance for finding something like this.




These babies are so much love. I need them.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Gorgeous photos, all the effing time. I have no idea how people have time to take these photos in such idyllic places and with such great shots. Wish I had the time and place to do that, but no one in my family's really that competent with the SLR.

So so so stylish. I am emerald green with envy. Or maybe chartreuse, I'm not so sure.

All these pictures are taken from, an online gallery featuring many many different fashionistas (whatever race, age or gender) with their looks and trust me, the place is breathtaking.

These people inspire me to dress up as much as I can, when I can, beacause it's always a pity when beautiful clothes are wasted, no?

These are my current favourites!

All photos come from:

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Patterns in the seventies

I was looking up patterns that were popular in the seventies, they pretty much look the same as the sixties (well i guess they would).
So tomorrow hopefully my future husband will give me the money to buy the fabric so I can make the dress.
Will show piccies of the fabric tomorrow.
I can't wait!!

BabyEpiphany XXX