Sunday, 21 March 2010

it's like we're chasing all those stars in shiny big black cars

Another day another DIY. Or two.

I did the shorts a while ago to be honest, way before the denim bustier (they both came from the same pair of jeans) and it's been a pretty staple in my closet. The wool leggings, on the other hand, are form a moss green sweater that belonged to one of my seniors. She gave me a whole batch of clothes since she's going away and thought that I'd have some fun with it. I was pretty much enamoured with the colour of the sweater and also the concept of very very comfortable leggings. In the end, the combination of both is the perfect winter-spring transition outfit.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

an education

denim bustier i was working on made from old men's levi's. i first cut them up (and ripped, obviously. ripped shorts are perfect for the beach!) to make a pair of shorts but i had so much left over fabric that i decided that i had to do something with them. so...voila! a denim bustier! or bustier type top if we're going into specifics. i got some measurements wrong so there are some wobbly bits here and there but apart from that i'm completely in love with it. this is so going to be worn with anything and everything this spring.

"I refuse to be uncomfortable around you. It's silly — you mean too much to me."

bits and pieces of inspiration for the spring to come. prepare to drop the bad girl look and embrace soft girliness mixed with a lot of denim. I want spring so bad that it's starting to get annoying.

I'm also craving these pale denim leggings and black leggings with zips on the sides, both from uniqlo. dear god i love that store. I went there yesterday and despite having splurged on vintage thrifting finds just last sunday I was so tempted to buy those two items. thank god i was out of money. there's always a next time right?

Friday, 12 March 2010

the pleasure, the privilege is mine.

Went to the Spring Semester Graduation Ceremony today and this is what I wore because I wasn't so sure whether or not we were supposed to dress formally. Turns out it was fifty-fifty since I saw a million people wear suits but also some just in jeans and shirts. I don't actually remember where I got most of this stuff but I do remember that the blazer is from Zara. One of my favourites since it's a gift for my eighteenth birthday last year. I was also going to wear my black booties but then I remembered that I'd probably do a lot of walking and aching feet probably wasn't on my agenda for today.

Oh, and here's a picture of my makeup today. I was inspired by the pretty-ness of Spring (if it ever comes here to Japan. Ugh) and how soft everything became. So it was all glowy and shimmer and some pinks. Yay.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

i remember the look upon your face//the way you roll your eyes

More DIY projects. I'm on a roll with these things! I think it's partially because the Spring Break has turned mind rottingly boring and also because the weather has been completely crappy despite the fact that it should be Spring by now. I'm so craving warm weather, sandals, flowers and mini dresses as it's probably evident by the amount of flowers I've incorporated into my stuff. It's not that I'm not into the hardcore, rebel-without-a-cause look anymore, just want to incorporate it and make it softer, more Spring like. Like the barbed wire inspired bracelets that I made. Love them.

On a different note, my skin and hair aren't co-operating with me today. Sucks.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Super Duper Love

The day before yesterday I cut a pair of my jeans up (since I had two of the EXACT pair. One was a bit older than the other though) to make them into shorts (AGH. CANNOT WAIT FOR SPRING. Wherefore art thou?). Which left me with a load of denim scraps. I don't remember why but I decided that I wanted to make little denim rosettes out of them. At that time I still had no idea what I wanted to do with them, just that I wanted to make these roses. After a million years (hyperbole, how I love thee) I was able to make four roses (there was a tester in the beginning, but it's too hideous to show here) and so I decided to make a braided hippie headband and a ring. So glad I did, I love them both. Can't wait to wear them with my floral maxi dress this Spring.

Now...if only the weather would get a littler warmer...

ps. I'm so craving oxford right now. I know I'm a little--lot--late but I think it's coz Japan actually lacks pretty oxfords.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man

...or so says the inscription on the ring. These two pretty gems I got from the trip to Yufuin that I mentioned in the post below. Aren't they just precious???

The ring cost around ¥380 and the necklace was ¥700. YAY FOR AWESOME BUYS :D

Edward Scissorhands

Outfit 1:

  • Cinema Club leather jacket
  • Vintage velvet floral mini dress
  • Uniqlo cropped navy tailored trousers
  • Brown leather belt
  • Amante black and white leather lace ups

Sorry for being away for so long. University's just been way busier than I actually expected it to be, also a million times more exciting than I expected. The only thing that pisses me off is the whole freshman 15 thing NOT being a myth. It sucks but I'm working on it.

The first picture is from a whole day trip I had to Yufuin (about an hour away from Beppu by bus) where I found the prettiest jewelery ever and this most amazing shop with a million music boxes. I'm not that much of a fan of music boxes but these were kind of all sorts of awesome. There was also this shop that sold crafts made out of wood and leather (the place smelled so good) and also this shop where they sold dancing cats and dogs. They dance to Shania Twain. 'Nuff said :D

Since it's Spring Break here (which is around 3 months long in Japan. Yummy~ but occasionally boring) I've been having a bit of a DIY kick since I have nothing better to do (apart from practice for the performance in the Spring Semester's Welcoming Ceremony. Ugh) plus last week a lot of the Japanese students have been moving out so they've been throwing out a lot of stuff. I was lucky enough to find a pair of jeans that actually fit me and so I decided to go all Edward Scissorhands on it. The result is rather exciting :D I love it. Makes these awkwardly shaped jeans (seriously...high waist AND the boot cut was not flattering at all. I mean I love a good pair of boot cut jeans but these were kind of weird?) so much more wearable.

Outfit 2 :

  • Forever 21 T-tank
  • Bhs cotton blue shirt
  • DIY-ed jeans
  • WIMO nude patent wedges

Wore this outfit to go to an all you can eat buffet with friends. There goes my diet. Hardy har.