Saturday, 30 May 2009

Shoulder pads on the beach, bizatch.

So, today was a pretty packed day and thank God I looked good or not I would've been grumpy all day. I went to a Japanese reunion, went to the derm (the face is being STUBBOOOOORRRNN), went to another thingy and then went to watch Angels and Demons. I laughed at how much time was wasted just from the explanations. Seriously. I think they would have actually saved allt he cardinal if they could shut Robert Langdon up.

  • Vintage polkadot top
  • DIY cutoffs
  • Brown belt
  • The Fly chrome flats

Anyway, my Padre just got me the most awesome watch ever:

It only works when touching skin (which, OK, can be a bit fussy, but still. Awesome concept) and the numbers aren't in order! That's not really the beauty of it, actually. The beauty of it is that the hour hand doesn't turn clockwise every hour but it goes straight to the next number (e.g. 1 to 2) and it just makes me giggle. Seriously.


Friday, 29 May 2009

Imageshack is being a complete bizatch to me so I'm back to uploading small photos for a while (click them to enlarge). I went to Pondok Indah Mall today with friends to window shop and wore my dress and wicked new wedges. Stopped by both Zara AND Steve Madden. BIG MISTAKE. Though, in my opinion, Zara's shoes were way better last season (though, the tacky patent green wedge looked pretty delicious)...they were still completely adorable.

It was the Steve Madden, though, that completely blew me away. Though they had some heel, most of the collection consisted of wedges and boy are they gorgeous. I found these black 12cm (I THINK) cut-out wedges that were so mouth-watering that I was practically frothing at the mouth. I wanted those and I wanted them bad. Too bad they were like Rp 1million++ or else I would snap them up in a jiffy. Seriously gorgeous, I tried to look them up online but I couldnt find them.

*sad face*

  • Jeanswear floral print minidress
  • Amante black leather wedges
  • Brown + gold belt

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Of Leather and Laces

  • River Island black and white minidress
  • Unlabelled black skinny jeans
  • WIMO patent leather nude wedges
Today I went shopping with my grandma and my cousins + sister, and it was pretty awesome and yet tiring at the same time. I found the item that I bought the second I entered the mall and it was love at first sight. These babies had metallic shoelace holders, shoelaces, were wedges and also were pretty leather and they came in delicious colours too (navy blue, red-brown and black). In the end I chose black (even though, if it were up to me and if it were really my money to spend, i would've bought all three colours) because they were kinda kickass while the brown looked classic and the navy blue too quirky to go with every outfit.

Ah, so much love.

And here are the picture of my new babies. Can't stop wearing them around the room!

I think I ruined the shoes I wore today though, its got a tiny skid mark on it and it won't freaking come off. So sad.


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Inspiration: Angora Ungaro (via Rumi from FashionToast)

Photos courtesy of
While I was trawling through the blogosphere, I found this amazing hoodie worn by Rumi from FashionToast (seriously, if you haven't been following it yet, you are seriously missing out) and I fell in love right there and then. I mean, c'mon, how can you not love it? It's a hoodie (comfort factor!), it's made from angora (luxe factor!) and it has chains (deliciousness factor!) I mean, I was drooling all over the screen when I saw it.
Though it's a pretty simple piece, it jazzed up an even simpler ensemble of t-shirt, shorts and tights here on Rumi and I thought that was amazing. When I go to Aussieland for the summer, it will be my goal to find something similar to this (probably won't be able to find anything like that, actually) and a lot of winter boots for when i start university in Japan.
Ah...the joys of hoodie lust.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Shirtless Superheroes

What I wore to watch X-Men: Origins (wolverine) yesterday. Apart from the whole awesomeness that is a shirtless Hugh Jackman (why oh why do you insist on keeping your shirt on throughout the movie?) and that almost-kinda-hot Chinese sniper guy, my friend and I were laughing the whole way throughout the movie...and this is coming from a self-confessed comic geek (well, my friend wasn't but you get the gist). And we were also the ONLY ones laughing.
  • Blue Primark minidress
  • Black tights
  • The Fly chrome flats

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


It's pixelated but I guess it'll do. I found this editorial in Glamour Magazine (the UK version) and I instantly fell in love with the £40 necklace that she's wearing. Isn't it just gorgeous? It's huge and almost obnoxious but feminine at the same time. I think after the exams I'm going to try and DIY it. It can't be too hard...right?

Monday, 4 May 2009

Treasure chest

My sister just came back from a trip to Bali with these four amazing wooden bangles, I love them so bad, it's kinda dangerous. Also, there's a picture of the ring I just got last weekend!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Grey Ensemble

I wore this yesterday when i went to get my lash stiletto will def post a review soon. I quickly hemmed the skirt as i wanted it shorter heheh its puffy as well.

Top: Bardos
Skirt: Unknown 
Hoody: Unknown

Want and Need so bad that my hands are shaking

I Don't Like Monday's "Marie and Eve/Cabaret dress"

I Don't Like Monday's "Something Else/Hooded cape"

I Don't Like Monday's "Anzevino Florence dress"

I Don't Like Monday's "Priestess/Metallic Reptile dress"

Must find something like these after exams or I will die. Seriously. Also, I just got the most wicked ring from my mum's friend and despite it being really expensive...I got it for free. Yay me! I'll probably take photos of it later when my sister comes back with the camera.


xxx TalkingMonkee

Saturday, 2 May 2009

I want! I want! Maybelline lash Stiletto!

I soo want this mascara...anything that can elongate my babies will make my knees wobble!!!
I have been reading reviews and haven't seen anyone hate it. there was this one review that did shock the hell out of me! This woman's lashes looked like WOW! *sighs* 
After a bit of studying, I might go out a buy this! I am too excited! 
If i do i will review later.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Smart and Colourful

I had an economics trip, so i decided "hey lets look smart today" So i mixed up fun with a smart shirt.
Gosh my boobs look too big hahahaha
Shirt: Gap
Belt: Primark
Colourful top: " "
Shorts: " "
Tights: Marks and Spencer