Saturday, 21 March 2009

Babyliss pro 230 radiance

This is my baby.
I cannot live without it.

This hair straightener by far is the best. I cannot remember why i wanted it...o yea i do. They are steam straighteners, it make the hair feel so moisturised *giggles*
So basically I do not know what else to say because they are so damn good...
...except this is better than GHDs.

Yup you have heard BETTER THAN GHDs

My hair stayed straight for a week compared to GHDs which only stayed straight for 1day, it felt so moisturised not brittle and it had great movement.
AND it was shiny!!!

O and it is my favourite colour RED

Unfortunately, these straighteners cost the maximum of £130, so if i were you look out for bargains online.

Anyways enough of me...

*Sounding like advert voice over* If you want more information please look at this website:

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