Friday, 1 October 2010

Blush haul

Nicka K Tan Glow

Nicka Ruby Glow

Milani: Copper Sunshine

Left to Right: Tan Glow, Ruby, Copper sunshine
Note: These are heavily swatched.

I got these on the cheap from westfield (you would be surprised at the amount of bargains I find there!) I am rekindling my love for blush, so I decided to buy these three.
Milani is technically a bronzer but it is called a blush bronzer when I swatched it, it looked amazing but on my face it looks iffy, so I will have to work out how to do it. Milanis website specifies that it can be used under the eyes, on the foerhead, cheeks and nose but NOT all over because it is too shimmery.
These shades are great for darker skin tones, I am on the look out for cheapish powder foundation for dark skins. Drug store brands suck particularly Maybelline and L'oreal because they advertise dark skin models yet when you look in store there are no dark skin shades.... oh.. wait.. I stumbled upon one (grr) and that was at boots in oxford st (double grr). Sometimes I think these companies think dark skinned people do not exist!
So my search will continue and I will let you guys know!

BabyEpiphany x