Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Sorry for not posting.

Ive have been going mad.

I have made THREE dresses this week, and i hate every single one of them (they are mock ups btw)

So i have no time to do any posting.

I have a few fotds and outfits on my cam; no time to upload and analyse etc. etc.

I promise folks (and talkingmonkee) that i will post soon

I also have to warn you, in May and June i will be NON-EXISTENT...

...A-levelssss man...

One more thing...i look too fat to be photographed dyaaaamn talkingmonkee is a model compared to fat old me... way too embarassing.
Soz again people.

XOXO BabyEpiphany

P.S its my birthday in 10 days im gna b 18 baabeeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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