Saturday, 28 February 2009

Peridot green

Another post in one day, but only because I had a wedding to go to. Of course, this isn't your typical white wedding that is often showcased in the West. This is an Indonesian wedding where 50% of the wedding guests are practically strangers and vice versa, and it's always a lot of fun...especially since I get to dress up and eat good food.

I had duck today which was yummy yum yums.

Oh, and this is my first Face of the Day (FOTD) so I hope you enjoy it. My left eye (your right, presumably) is a tad red for some odd reason and I've got an extra crease on that eye today (my left eye likes to change a lot, one day my creases will be even and the next day they won't be) so it looks smaller than the other eye.


  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Softlex
  • Blush: Lancome (not sure what colour)
  • Eyeliner: 17 trio eyeshadow in Monochrome
  • Mascara: Rimmel
  • Lipliner: Wet 'n' Wild in Brandywine
  • Lipstick: Some random Australian brand that I got as a gift and the colour's called "Barely There". It's a gorgeous gold colour with a hint of pink, though it's hard to wear on it's own.

Ding dong the witch is dead! Which old witch? The WICKED witch!

I haven't worn a skirt that stopped under the knees in ages. As far as skirts are concerned, I've been living in mini-skirts, but when I found these in the back of my closet, I fell in love with them all over again.

Plus, it's always nice to know that not everyone's going to be wearing a gypsy-type skirt.

I'm going out to watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin button" today, and I know it's a bit late and all, but I was waiting for the whole family to be free since the Mother was the most enthusiastic to watch it. So, no, I'm not going anywhere special in my flouncy bohemian-esque outfite, just the cinema, and the Sister and the Mother were a bit baffled on why I had to dress up.

Is dressing up for the sake of dressing up not allowed?

Plus it's all in good fun, isn't it? After a week of wearing our crap school uniforms, I think that I should dress up to the nines to make up for the five weeks of crapness. And so I have two brilliant days of clothes.

Mouth-froth worthy I say.

In the end (after trying out both of the outfits above) I decided to go with the second one because it seemed a tad more casual than the first. The first is quite lovely though...I'll probably wear that sometime later.

1st outfit:
  • TopShop empire line top
  • Next belt
  • Next black knee length skirt
  • Unlabelled sandals

2nd Outfit

  • TopShop empire line top
  • Vintage yellow belt
  • New Look sequined skirt
  • Unlabelled sandals

Friday, 27 February 2009

Non-clothing/makeup related

I just changed the layout, this time people can actually COMMENT on the posts and whatnot. I know the other one was kinda prettier (OK, a LOT prettier) but I like the fact that it's clean...maybe one day I'll make a new header but for now I'll just leave it like this.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

You're still searching for me in every woman.

I didn't watch the Oscars this year (they do get a tad boring, though I did watch the opening, Hugh Jackman is now my man candy) but I did check out the fashion, and a lot of people looked amazingly beautiful and got their clothes JUST right. Obviously there were a few fashion no no's *COUGHWHOOPIGOLDBERGCOUGH* but a lot got it right. My two favourite looks from the evening were Penelope Cruz and Freida Pinto, both outstanding actresses and they both give Hollywood a bit of an ethnicity boost!

Firstly Freida Pinto. I wasn't really sure about this dress at first because she's already an amazingly gorgeous girl and it wouldn't take a lot for her to look like practically the most beautiful thing on earth, but after pondering at it for a while (with interruptions of fruit-snacking) I finally came to the conclusion that the dress was every bit as gorgeous as she was. I'm not saying that it was easy to pull off, I'm just saying that, the dress dances between strange and conventional so beautifully that I would like to dubb it as gorgeous.

The colour is a gorgeous deep blue (this particular colour I can't really pull off, God knows why) and the lace sleeve makes me fall in love with it all over again. The sleeve was what initially put me off, but the unconventionality of it is adorable and I'm head over heals with lace right now and the combination of it with the colour leaves my breath stuck in my throat somewhere. I also like the tulle used as the skirt as it gives it a younger image, instead of the slinky silks and satins that we're used to seeing on the red carpet.

Aaaahhh, Penelope Cruz, my current girl crush of the moment due to her role as Maria Elena in the movie "Vicky Cristina Barcelona". How can you watch this movie and NOT fall in love with her? This is something i will never understand. Anyway, onto her dress, it's gorgeous, it's vintage, it's off white (a favourite of mine) and it's 60 years old. What else is there to say about it? She looks radiant and the dress flows beautifully and the colour is amazing on her. Usually I don't particularly like white gowns on the red carpet because they end up looking like really bad wedding dresses but here it just looks heavenly and there has only ever been one other person who I think has pulled off the white dress (Keira Knightley circa...not sure).

Anyway, love both dresses, will post some more stuff tomorrow!

xxx Talking Monkee

Arabic FOTD

So i did an FOTD, my camera died so i couldn't do better photos it has been a long time since ive been vain.

But my eyes just pop (well more than usual)

I am in love with it, i could use it for a party look, i would just stand out for my makeup.


Sorry im crazy!!!

Enjoyy (I do look buff though)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Back to basics

Whenever I browse through a fashion or beauty blog I always find that they have their "basics"...especially in terms of makeup, clothes aren't usually so restricted with the whole "what I must must must have" type of thing. And it's quite funny because, the makeup fanatic that I am, I've never really had a while "basics" type thing and trying to reduce my whole makeup stash (three makeup bag full, divided into three categores; eyes, lips, face) into this tiny pile (shown above) was not the easiest thing in the world, but I'm confident to say that if I had to be left with only a couple of beauty essentials, these would be it.

  • Lancome makeup kit: This was a gift from my grandma, after she felt the urge to spend money and duty-free goods. I'm not really bothered with the rest of the pallete (though I do love the fact that it's lain out like a notebook) but the blushers (as you can see, the two squares) are the most awesomely perfect things in the world. The lighter one is a light berry colour with gold shimmer and it makes you flush prettily, no matter how much (or how little in soem cases) you put on. The darker one is more dramatic, and it's a brown-pink colour with shimmer (!!!!) that I prefer to place on my cheekbones (unlike the lighter one where I like to put it on the apples of my cheeks) to make them extra pointy and oh-so Kate Moss. Together, they are unstoppable.

  • MEMEME Smitten Kitten Lip and Cheek tint: This one is also pretty big on my list. The red part is a tint which you can use both on your lips and your cheeks and it's got a watery texture that is comfortable on the lips coz it dries instantly. The clear lipgloss is awesome on top or on it's on and stays on for ages. Did I mention that it smells pretty too? The red part smells like roses while the clear lipgloss smells like candy. Yum.

  • Rimmel Liquid eyeliner: Perfect for those cat-eye looks or more extreme Amy Winehouse lines. This eyeliner stays put, is the blackest of black and has a pointed felt tip so it's easier to apply.

  • Rimmel Lipstick in "Birthday Suit": The perfect nude lipstick, it suits every skintone I know out there. It's a fleshy light brown colour with a hint of pink to make your lips not look like a zombie. I wear this with everything from a bronzed summery look to a smokey-eyed-so-much-it-looks-like-someone-punched-my-eyes-in look.

  • Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in "Blushed": Another gift from the grandmother, she seems to love buying makeup for me a lot. Plus she knows which makeup looks good on me, so that is a big plus. This lipstick goes on smoothly, never dries, and also (like the Rimmel lipstick) looks good with practically any look. It's like a darker nude but with more pink in it, and I liek using it at night to go with my dramatic eye looks coz I think that the night time allows you to wear a little more makeup without looking too...*coughs*...overdone.

  • Mascara (in this case Rimmel): I don't particularly care what brand of mascara I own, as long as I own one. I have pretty long eyelashes already, so any mascara that holdsa a curl and makes my lashes darker will do it for me. I do like how this particular one separates my eyelashes nicely, though.

  • Revlon Colorstay with Soflex foundation for oily/combination skin: I usually try to steer clear of foundations because I used to have problem skin (it's a little less problematic now!) and it's very sensitive, so if I put anything on that isn't necessary, I end up choking it and making myself break out. But, when I do feel that I need a little something-something...or a flawless pallete for the rest of my makeup, I like to rely on this because it lasts all day, looks neither super-dewy not uber-matter and is the perfect colour. The only downside is that its pretty tough to take off.

  • Lip balm: Nuff said.

  • Collection 2000 Highlighter in "Copacabana": Gorgeous and easy to use on all important areas (eyes, lips and cheeks) this stuff makes me look wide awake straightaway. It's a gorgeous yellow gold colour that looks pretty on my dark olive/asian skin and it blends easily and stays put, especially with a little bit of powder on top. I usually like to put it on the inner conrer of my eyes, the tip of my nose, my cheekbones and my cupid's bow to give out that "oh, this? I just woke up like 2 seconds ago." look.

  • Rimmel eyeliners in black and white: The black is for the normal eyelinering stuff around the eyes and whatnot. I usually use pencil eyeliners when I feel like I want to look a bit messier and less...pretty-pretty. It's great to smudge and it never makes me feel too...try hard. The white one I like to use in the inner lower rims of my eyes, when I look horrible and zombie-like. It instantly makes me look WAY more awake, and gives me pretty big doe-eyes too.

  • Collection 2000 clear mascara: I know it looks a little beige-y now, but that's only because it mizes with powder sometimes. I like using this to shape my brows and make me look oh-so sophisticated a la Audrey Hepburn or (more recently) Camille Belle. I sometimes use it on my eyelashes too when I'm in a hurry and just want my eyelashes to look pretty separated and structured.

  • The BodyShop eau de toillete in "Casis Rose": I love "White Musk" to bits, but I think it scares the boyhs away sometimes because it's so strong and ocassionally, a tad manly but "Casis Rose" is perfect because it's not too girly but it's feminine enough to give me confidence. Smells like diluted roses and...pretty smelling things.

  • RoC Purifying cleanser: Tough stuff. Clears up my skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. Only downside is that it's hella expensive and not recommended for those who don't have problem skin because it tends to be a little harsh.

  • Eyelash curlers: I look way more wide awake with these. I also find them funt o play around with. Baby Epiphany never let me near them for fear that I will poke her eye out with my excessive enthusiasm.

  • The BodyShop Shimmerwaves in "Bronze": Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...that's all I have to say. It's the perfect combination of glowy-ness and structure because it's not too glittery nor is it too just gives you some kind of...glow, I guess. The colours (when combined together) is a sort of coppery bronze that seriously makes you look like you have a clean tan; it highlights, darkens and it can be applied EVERYWHERE. Trust me, I used this when I had my junior prom two years back on my shins, and it kinda looked pretty. The strips can be used individually too as eyeshadows or even as highlighters.

Well, I guess that's all in my exciting foray into this whole "basics" business. I'm going to go out this weekend with the mother to buy fabrics for my designs and I've been drooling mentally (whilst doing homework, which is a bad thing) about what I'm going to wear on that day. I'm thinking something along the lines of a jumper/sweater and pearls...

Mmmmm...pearls.'s not weird, is it? Foaming at the mouth at such an image?


Also, i think I'll probably do an FOTD (Face Of The Day) in the weekend too because I've found another lipstick that seemed to be lurking around in my makeup bag and it's a...let's say...peculiar colour. Not weird, just...I've never really seen a way to actually pull it off...

Okies, shall post again soon! Hope Baby Epiphany does too!

xxxTalking Monkee

Well Helloooo Ladies (and gents)

*Waves* helllooo everyone, k this is my first post, yea i know no piccies, but i will soon put them up.

Atm i am absoulutely obessesd with arabs....(please don't ask...well i am practically engaged to one *sigh*so i do kinda get away with it.) so i am currently checking out arabic makeup.

I love it its soo dramatic and cool...but really toooo much foundation...for my skin anway.

I took at look at cleopatra's makeup (i know she is greek but whateverrrr) hahah the closest thing is Elizabeth taylor, but she was so buff in her hay days:

Here is more modern arabic makeup:

Buff Right??? So much eye Definition!!! *giggles* I know the down side is the foundation, not good for the skin.
Well I shall try and do an Fotd on this kinda of makeup.
Hehehe i am getting excited thinking about it

Laters people.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

The designs of life

I've always had a little crush on the designing world ever since I turned girlie (...I think I was about...12? I don't know what happened, I just started getting excited about everything and anything sparkly) and it's almost equivalent to my love of writing (which is why I love blogs) and so my madre has told me that since I applied to a fashion major for undergrad (alongside a journalism one) I should test out my skills by designing some clothes that I really, really want and then get them made at the tailors. She also says that if any of my friends like them, I could sell them...and then I got excited at the idea of getting my sister to dress up in these and to coerce her into modelling for my indulgent photo-taking hobby.


My personal favourite is (4) coz I can just imagine the creamy off-white flower lace that's gonna be used throughout the whole top...and the batwing sleeves and scoop neck have just got me drooling. I've always had a bit of a love affair with anything that looks marginally weird...but this is just so beautifully vintage looking (at least in my head) that I can't wait to get this made.

I'm going fabric shopping next weekend and I'm a little excited.


Friday, 20 February 2009

Change of plans

Change of plans on the clothes. Apparently it's going to be really hot wherever we're going so I'm centreing my style on a pair of denim short-shorts and blue wedges.
The top picture is the makeup I'm bringing, not much compared to what I usually bring as I'm that much of a makeup junkie...but it's only one night so yea...
Will give details later when i come back!
xxx TalkingMonkee

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Forgot to post about it...

...but MAN it was gorgeous.

I went out with a friend a few days ago and we went to this shop called "Orange" (I think it's only available in Indonesia, but I'm not so sure) but I found the most gorgeous black sleeveless fur/wool vest. I was totally in love and it made my outfit look so kickass...the bad thing was that it was a two clothes deal where I had to buy a dress (I would've been OK with it if it was a dress I like...but it wasn't.) and so I didn't get it.

I also didn't take a photo, because the girls who worked there were evil-eyeing me but it looked almost like this...

...except a tad smaller and a little more tacky looking.

Tackiness makes me happy.

xxx TalkingMonkee

PS. Sorry about the comments button, I'm not so sure how to fix it and so Baby Epiphany will be fixing if you want to comment you can do it in the chatbox on the right!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

TalkingMonkee takes the plunge...

Please, please, please ignore the face in the last photo. I couldn't decide what to do with it.


My parents love surprises, and so they're taking the whole family on a surprise trip this weekend, and since it's a surprise and whatnot, they're not telling us where we're heading to and so I have no idea what to wear so I'm showcasing four outfits and bringing two.

I'm also pretty bitter that this means I'm missing a party, but whatever.

Outfit 1:

- Thrifted flower-print night gown (shortened with my amazing sewing skills...though they're not so amazing...)

- Next wide black belt

- Vintage brown hat

- Clarks combat boots

Outfit 2

- No label black skinny jeans

- Primark patent red shoes

- Vintage mustard yellow belt

- Vintage checkered waistcoat

- Expression purple long-sleeved baby doll top

Outfit 3

- George turquoise (it's not actually that blue) low cut top with batwings

- DIY black mini skirt

Outfit 4

- Unlabelled black skinny jeans

- Unlabelled blue espadrille wedges

- MK black and white empire line top

xxx TalkingMonkee