Sunday, 8 March 2009

Dress obsession

I am totally obsessed with dresses. I just want to make one, so everyone will be like "wow where did you get that dress from?" and I will be all like "yea I made it"

Yes I know I sound like such a looooooser!

But hey I have no life and I look out for people who have style.
Which in fact is kind of hard to find these days, you would think that in London of all cities you would be able to find style


...these dresses I have picked out. I love em.

However, I cannot ever wear them UNLESS I starve myself silly for the rest of my life, which you will not see me doing.

But if I feel like looking like a loser, I will surely make a copy of theses dresses to try out.

BabyEpiphany XXXX

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