Monday, 2 March 2009

Birthday Suit (no i will not be getting naked)

Im so damn broke i am now into making my own dresses, and im not as funky as talkingmonkee.
(woman i have no idea how you can keep taking pics of those outfits!)

So anyway i was thinking that my bday is coming up in about a month or so, instead of me making a theme for my birthday
(which i think is lame anyway i mean for goodness sake its not halloween and it no one follows it anyway)

I want to stand out and wear a gown or dress or something...that draws attention to moi!!!

Many people (including my beloved) will not like what i want to wear

So I had an idea i want to wear a puffy dress:

Or i might wear Shorts with Braces I cannot find a pic but i will draw up some designs, and upload em.

I was thinking none of my friends would wear this kinda stuff cos they despise clothes like this heheheh.

So i will decide in a week or so...and comment.

1 comment:

  1. Donella I think I will marry you (if you weren't taken by your hubby-to-be) if you made the first dress. It will be tres, tres tres awesomely gorgeous on you, no jokes whatsoever.

    Don't really like the middle one though coz Jumpsuits with flares just do not suit me at all.

    Which reminds me...I must find a jumpsuit.