Saturday, 14 March 2009

White horses

The new minidress I purchased last weekend at the sale. It's gorgeous paired with heels but I went with converses because I liked the tackiness of matchy-matchy (with the collar). The bottom layer was extremely sheer though and I had to wear a nude skirt under it so I was fully covered.


I love the minidress coz it's ruffly and there's just so many other ways to wear it other than it being a dress, and so I'm really excited about this piece and I'm glad that my scavening sale skills have not failed me as of yet.

Also, the two other pieces are what I got when I went thrifting and trust me they are hella gorgeous. The first one is a sheer netted shirt that made me fall in love with it straightaway with all the mouth-watering possibilities and the second is an 80s polkadotted satin blazer type thing. I wasn't sure about it at first but after my friends kept going that it's "so me" then I decided that I should try it and seriously, this piece is love.

The tacky bronze buttons are quite genius too.

  • Caravel white ruffle minidress
  • Converse blue hightops

xxx TalkingMonkee

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