Sunday, 22 March 2009

Ha ha LAUGHTER ha ha

Once upon a long long time ago I came upon this post over at Fashiontoast (which is one of my favourite fashion blogs ever, you must seriously check it out) and I found the idea of fake bodystockings quite intriguing...and so I tried it for myself.

It's a bit glam-goth, if I may say so myself and it does feel kinda awesome to wear...the only lame part is that I cut the neckline a bit too long and so the shoulder part of my fake bodystocking kept slipping off.


Also...I got my very first laugh today! I've been wonderinf when I would catch someone laughing over my outfits and so far before today no one has laughed at me visibly. But today I caught this mother-daughter duo laughing away at me. I'm not sure if it was the tights or the shoes, but for a second there I actually felt self conscious before I realised that it was ok to not be completely in trend with thos eugly tie-dye tops I feel the urge to burn.

  • Unlabelled black lace minidress
  • DIY black skirts
  • Unlabelled sheer black tights
  • Sheer black tights turned into body stockings (DIY)
  • Real combat boots


  1. hahahah omg
    sorry i want to laugh....
    it would be much nicer with a more fitted dress.

    can i be critical?

    ...this look makes you seem...erm...poor??

    find a better dress wid dis look ifa.

    *runs away*

  2. BULLY!


    Yea, I agree, but then it would end up a lil' bit slutty and dude I already had half the people in the mall either pointing at me or laughing at me.

    And so though sluttiness is doesn't always go unwanted, it was a no go. Plus, it would look a tad horrid with my beautiful boots.



    PPS. Why didn't you post the picture of the "uniform" day? That looked ever so slightly awesome.

  3. teeheehee fed got laughed at fed got laughed at :p jk hun. but wht do u expect people in indo to do when they see someone dressing up like you? :p and besides all the people who laughed at you are probs those tie-dye fans u wanna burn anyways hahaha