Monday, 27 July 2009

Lee Stafford Poker Straight

So I was looking around in boots...(Its not the same without talkingmonkee) and I saw these really pink looking bottles they really do stand out. It is a range of haircare products for people that straighten/flat iron their hair, which I do everyday (I know its so bad for my hair!)

I want to try three products from his range; the Dehumidifier, Sleepover night treatment and the Flat iron protection mist.

Its not very cheap at about £6 a bottle (I am prepared to spend that amount on makeup...not hair hehe) but i think superdrug sells travel size bottles so I will give it a try.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Glamour Puss

I had a thought and after searching some forums and such I SERIOUSLY NEED TO CATER TO DARKER SKINNED PEOPLE. I have been looking at youtube, videojug and other weird video websites, and nobody I mean NOBODY (as in not many dark skinned people) can do makeup its so bad I don't even want to post it.
No offence to light skins or anything, but I am fed up of your makeup tips!! WE need some good tips, so soon I might start doing videos or picture tutorials that are for the women of colour, cos this has got to stop seriously!!

So back to my ordinary post *grin* Here is the makeup I did for today:

What I used:

EYES: Sleek eyeshadow in purple and light pink, Sleek gel pot eyeshadow, Rimmel liquid eyeliner, Maybelline lash stiletto mascara.
Eyebrows: filled in with Rimmel eyebrow pencil.
Cheeks: Benefit Lip and cheek tint mixed with primark blush stick.

No foundation needed muahaahha my skin is looking good today *grins*

Buy Less, Wear more

So I wore this today as I was job hunting and when I give my CVs out I wanted to give the manager (or whoever else I give it to) a nice impression, I didn't want to come across to outlandish, just simple, casual and not too sophiscated. So obviously skinny jeans and wedges are a good start *grins*...the rest is a simplified mix
I have been watching way too much of Gok Wan seriously...So I am not going to simplify my look (which I should take pictures of I am so sorry fellow bloggers I will do in the future).
Now I am going to adopt the Buy less wear more scheme and I am also going to stop buying Black and white and thinking they are "safe" colours that go with everything hahah.

I am now going to do more colour and more prints and more detail!!

In order to do that...I must get money I am still waiting for my £100! Then shopping away (I will buy less then normal!)

Vest top: Gap
Black Top: Sainsburys TU
Belt: Primark
Skinny Jeans: New Look

I think I am In LOvE

~Just wanted to say one thing; whenever you see I'm in love it means I have found shoes...not a guy heheheheh

I got these babies from primark, (yesh talkingmonkee Primark...ok its got nice bargains, a girl cannot help herself!)
They are about 4/5 inches (10-13cm) I kinda hate wearing them I am a giant! This is why I hate being 5'7 urggghhhh I do not understand why girls want to be tall!! (yea you ifa!)

They are buff wedges though.

Make Shift

Another one of my catch up posts. I made this skirt (well part of it) for my last day of school. Well everyone said they were going to make and effort and look smart, so I decided to look...erm outlandish? Everyone liked it and I had one request to make another one WOO fashion designer here I come!


My prom was two weeks ago but I was uber lazy to post it hahaha sorry people.
So here is my prom dress. One of my friends said it reminded them of the classic marilyn monroe dress muahahahah it was cheap too!

So what do you think?~

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

White tattoos

Wore these pretty items (from Aussieland! I was planning on only wearing the lace bolero thing but I got greedy) on Monday to meet up with friend who I haven't seen in a million and one years. It was well worth it since the day was freaking hot but I couldn't be bothered to put on a pair of shorts.

I was way too lazy to tie my laces for the photo. Sorry, teehee.

  • TMNT cream lace bolero
  • George black tanktop (cotton)
  • Valley Girl pencil skirt
  • Rubi ankle boots


Friday, 10 July 2009

Aussieland Adventures: The Looks

Perth was pretty amazing. I loved the weather. It was freezing but it was the perfect kind of cold to have a trail of transitions outfit, the type where you could throw on a wooly coat over the prettiest summer dress...a bit like Spring but WAY more awesome.

Mostly, my cousins and I went on a shopping rampage since they were having their winter sale (read: a gazillion gorgeous boots for half price. I die.) but on other days we went out to see the sights and these sights were mostly of the sea (or what Perth had of it) and we did the typical chucking bread at birds thing. It was pretty gorgeous out there. Very lush, similar to New Zealand but it was very dry compared to it...but still...extremely lush.

I kinda miss it but I'm glad to be back in Indonesia. The summer wouldn't be complete without meeting up with a few friends.