Thursday, 30 April 2009

Prom = Shopping+Dressing up!!

Well my year is having a prom soon (and im on the commitee) so it that time of the year where i am actually able to spend a hell of a lot of money(for a studen) and NO ONE bats an eyelid!!
So these dresses i have been looking at range from a cheap $150-$400...i am sooo NOT bothered to convert it to sterling the exchange rate changes too much!
I do not actually have a favourite i like them all...*sigh*

Well i will go dress shopping after June 18th (my last exam!!!) Will show more pics then!

Mock Up of the Week 2

I am still in the middle of finding pics of my mock ups urgh jigsaw puzzle!
Any way in this one I was trying to make a shift dress, YES i know it is REALLY short...but there is no harm in showing some leg teheheh.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Earth day

Today we had Earth Day at school and it was supposed to be a day where we planted trees etc etc. Except the 12th graders weren't allowed to join in since exams are so close. Oh well, we till got to dress up though.

  • Jeanswest sheer floral minidress
  • Unlabelled skinny dark blue jeans
  • Clarks combat boots

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Green and Purple just proves how much of a comic geek I am.

What I plan to wear to go grovery shopping with the family and eating out for lunch. Good stuff. I probably will change the sheos to sandals though coz I doubt that my feet can handle being wrapped up in this sweltering heat.

  • River Island sheer green blouse
  • Primark purple summer dress
  • Pimark red patent leather pointed flats
  • Next belt

Pretty puffy dress

I was walking in fenwicks in Brent Cross yesterday, and i came across this baby. I felt putting it on and dancing.
It was only £60 i mean that is expenisive since i can make my own dress now WOO.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

A Day in the park

So last week I went out to buy school books...hahaha that did not work.

I went to oxford street not smart thinking, I saw this really purdy dress. so cute. It reminds me of being at a picnic
So what do ya think? Its from Dorothy Perkins. Bear in mind i used my phone to take these pics not the best quality

Hey you! I thought you liked a little Kurt Cobain in your flower field

I've never tried on a maxi dress before, and boy do I regret it. Maxi dresses are genius! They keep you cool in the unbearably hot and sticky weather while hiding all your lumps and bumps. Genius, I tell you...I should find more maxi dresses or find more ways to wear this one.

I opted for chucks instead of sandals because I thought it looked a little too tropical holiday and I quite like it.

Also, two pieces of sad news; one, I have contracted an eye virus and can't wear my contacts for a while and so I'm running around like a blind bat. And two, my mother is forcing me to spring clean my wardrobe so its au revoir for a lot of my clothes.


  • Unlabelled maxi dress
  • Vintage sheer shirt
  • Blue Converses


I went fabric shopping again, I just wanted to look around.

I found this beauty!! Omg it feels soooo niccceee.

Might use it as a belt on my dress.

Bright eyed and...not so bushy tailed

I did this a couple of days ago I wanted to brighten my eyes up.
Sorry the second pic went spastic i dno how to rotate it...any help?
What I used:
Sleek gel eyeliner (dominatrix)
Sleek high pigment eyeshadow (skyblue and purple)
Victoria Jackson mascara
Rimmel eyebrow pencil (brown)
Victoria Jackson lipgloss and lipliner (sunrise)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bored Creativity.

I had spare fabric and got reallly really bored.

Then Boom! i Made a bag, i needed a small one so i made a small one.

So here it is:

Sleek Gel Eyeliner Ink Pot

Everyone knows that when you use pencil eyeliners that they start smudging after awhile which is bloody annoying!


Also most people know that to avoid this smudge you should invest in a good, well known, big branded EXPENSIVE eyeliner...such as Mac's gel eyeliner.


Not anymore that is.

So yea i went to Superdrug and bought some new makeup (as you can see i am about to rave on about this new buy) I do not do this so often since talkmonkee has left moi in london alone...*dramatic voice* wander makeup stores without a friend.

Anyways so i bought sleek's gel eyeliner it was only £4 well £3.91 due to the VAT cut (haha lil economics for ya) i mean what did i have to loose...woops i mean gain!

Boy was this eyeliner GOOOOD it never smudges!!! EVER!!! i mean except when i stupid rub my eyes.

So London...sorry everyone else...BUY IT, its good and you will not look like you came from china to join a zoo...i wasnt being offensive i meant you won't look like a PANDA!!


Radio Lady GaGa

Many people may think i am crazy...(hope not) but i think this woman has style (she is italian so she should).

My fav one is the 1st and the last outfit.

The leggins/pants in the 2nd one are waaaay 2 tight for my huge thighs!!

I feel a bit glamourous now, so i really want to make a dress using her type of style which is modern/glam rock.

Gosh i sure do hope i get bored with lotsa time on my hands soon and make an outfit.

BabyEpiphany XXXXxxxXX

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To wear or not to wear: Harem pants

In a few minutes I should be heading off to school to do my Biology Mock exams (all three papers! Agh!!!!) and I thought that's it be nice to spare my head a few thoughts on something other than the academic.

Last week (Sunday, specifically) one of my friends came to school (all the art kids did) and she was wearing harem pants. At first I gasped and gawked and my eyes were hideously open that I must've looked bug-eyed but then after a while it dawned on me that it didn't look half bad...and her body shape was similar to mine (except I'm taller!).

So, right now I'm considering whether or not I should add harem pants to my university list. It would be pretty awesome to wear during exam weeks, methinks, since they look incredibly comfy. I'd probably get a more subdued version (like the one above) instead of the full on MC Hammer one's.

Picture taken from ASOS website (Kookai range)

Monday, 20 April 2009

OMG I am in Love!!! *swoons*

OMG i want thesess soooo badly. I know many people do not like patent shoes (have no fricking idea as to why) but i have found the love of my life.

These shoes made by clarks....*collapes*
Such beauty...
*Sighs* ma mere bought these now i have to find a way to steal them from her...she has loads of shoes...when i say loads i mean LOADS.
So she can't notice if these babies go missing...I need to do a mission impossible in her bedroom and take these shoes!!!
I am off...*snoops around house*

Sunday, 19 April 2009

80's/90's mash up!

What I wore today after a gruelling day. I had an interview with the art examiner and I think I did OK, but it was pretty stressful for everyone methinks. Afterwards we all went to go eat some delicious Japanese buffet goodness. Delish, much?

  • Primark Mint green baby doll minidress
  • Vintage polkadot blouse (with shoulderpads)
  • Official monochrome combat boots

xxx TalkingMonkee

Saturday, 18 April 2009


I've got my school exhibition coming up next Tuesday and my interview with the examiner tomorrow (AGH!) so I went to school today to set up my artwork at school today. Was exhausting but hella fun; rummaging boxes for stapler guns and almost hitting one's finger with the hammer.

Oh, and yea, i finally figured out how to make my pictures normal sized!

And also, the top was one of my own designs! It's actually a mini-dress and when I wear it I feel like one of those Singapore Airlines ladies. So funny.

  • Unlabelled black skinny jeans
  • Tailored batik dress (tucked in)
  • The Fly chrome flats

xxx TalkingMonkee

Thursday, 16 April 2009


I bought the fabric for my dress...well ages ago i thought i should post it now, so you can see how creative i can be when i am very bored. (I do get bored quite often haha)

I looove the purple it feel so cool, and kinda expensive..its satin.
*squeals* I am so excited!!!!
I know the colours are bright and metallic, i was inspired by the glam rock/romantic era.

BabyEpiphany XxxxX

New prospects make my heart flutter

I'm going to university in Autumn 2009 and I'm pretty excited. I'll be going to Japan (Beppu, specifically) and I'll be studying Social Sciences (in addition to Japanese since we have to master at least the basics to actually graduate). It's all quite general in the first year but I'm hoping to either sign up for Sociology or International Governance but I think I'm more excited about the Tea Ceremony Club.


But anyway, to more important stuff. University means new clothes, baby! I'm pretty psyched about that, actually and it's part of the for me being excited for uni.

So here's my current list:

  • The perfect pair of skinny jeans in dark, dark, DARK blue. Also, a pair in black...I already have one (evident in this blog!) but it doesn't hurt to have more...
  • Brown leather belts, perfect for making that feminine look a tad more masculine.
  • One thin, colourful belt. For when I wear a boring outfit and want to trick people into thinking I totally dressed up.
  • A LOT of black opaque tights. I can't live without these babies.
  • A jumpsuit...maybe? I don't know for sure but it's worth a try?
  • A bunch of jewelrey. Hopefully loads of chunky things that make noise when I move. *grin*
  • A trench coat. One in a nice cream/brown colour and another in a bright colour. Exciting, much?
  • Loose tank tops in basic colours (black, white and grey). What else do you need to layer or just to wear with a wicked pair of jeans when it gets hot?
  • SHOES! I need to get two pair of flats (possibly a bootie with a lot of buckles and a basic black flat) and three pairs of heels (two wicked heels that are amazingly high and look like they kill my feet and a pair of black pumps for all the professional stuff).
  • Lace tights. Purdy purdy purdy...looks like I drew on my legssssssssss....
  • Oh, yea, wow...almost completely forgot. Boots. Kneee high perhaps? And black...deliciously black.
  • A scarf. Big, fat and woolly. My neck is warm just thinking about it.
  • A gorgeous coat. This one would have to be awesomely high quality because in the winters/autumn I am going to LIVE IN IT.
  • Another shoe I've forgotten. Super high shoes with glass/plastic cut out wedges.
  • Something leopard print. Not sure what though. Perhaps a top? Or shoes? *drools*
  • A black miniskirt. With a zip hopefully? Please???
  • A bustier top. What? I'm not gonna wear it aloneeee! Can't you just imagine with a genius pair of jeans and a gorgeous coat on top? Yes and YES.
  • Two new bags, both a tote in leather, I'm hoping. One in black and the other in a neutral/cream/beige colour. Hopefully the cream one will have a fringe...a little bit of mohiccan can be deliciousss.
  • The ultimate LBD. Why? Because I like to party...and I'm pretty I probably won't wear anything BUT this to any sort of party.
  • A million mini dresses (floral, sixties, whatever). Coz I'm on a skirt kick right now.
  • A couple of new waistcoats.
  • New underwear. Pretty ones...that are seamless...and actually match. D'oh.
  • Anything with lace on it. End of.

Well, that's my list for now. I'm not really sure what else I wanna get but I'm sure there's more. I'll just add on to them later on.

xxx TalkingMonkee

Stripes and Blues

I wore this for meeting my mates for my bday dinner so excuse the stringy thing on my top i got attacked with party poppers!

O and i am now happy to say i can fit in2 a size 12! in bottom my ass is huge! My first pair of size 12 shorts in like 10months tres happy!
Now all i need to do is go down to a size 10....argh

I know, i didnt make my puffy dress like i said was, HEY! I had 2 do textiles...o..k?


Grey printed hoody - New Look
Stripey top - Gap
Shorts - Primark
Tights - Marks and Spencer
Wedges - Next

New look

Well I got bored of my look so i decided to get some hair extensions in, and cos i was planning on doing something with my friends for my birthday. I might as well look good.



I actually like this messy look, i stuck a couple of rollers in. I will officially say that curling tongs are full of rubbish whenever curly hair wants to be achieved.

NO SERIOUSLY im not kidding if you want curly hair do not use curling tongs. Use...

...HAIR STRAIGHTENERS(...or flat iron for people who are not british..i prefer sayin flat iron)

Sounds ironic...hahah I know. i think many people know about this.
If i am bothered i will make a video for you guys to watch. But i am sure many of you know how to do it.

Ok so here is my attempt to explain:-

-Get ur hair straighteners, set it to the highest setting (if your hair is hard to straighten)
-Clamp a small section of your hair or larger if you have a wider plate hair straightener
-Twist the hair straightener all the way round towards you
-Then pull the staightener and continue to twist at the same time.

WOO you now have a brilliant curl!

If your still stuck..look on youtube hahaha...sorry!

Mock up of the Week

As i am making a dress for my textiles course i have 2 make loooads of mock ups *breaths deeply*
I know the cut is kinda low and boobs literally showing (hope my future husband never sees this he would never approve ¬_¬) I love how my boobs look in the 1st pic haha
WOO well i tres love the mock up, I can't wait to make the dress. Hopefully it will be good enough to wear it out..well its london you can wear nething there

Hope u likey

BabyEpiphany XxxX

Green Green Greeeen

I got bored of looking ordinary at school and since green really does suit my skin tone (but not eye colour...i still pulled it off) I decided to do a subtle but cool eyeliner thing with my eyeshadow.
Do bear in mind people who are lighter skin shouldn't use the shame eyeshadow as me cos i use a high pigment colours, it would look way to bold on light skin.

Sleek eyeshadow (Emerald green?) Applied with angled eyeshadow brush
Rimmel eyeliner
Maybelline volume express mascara
Rimmel eyebrow pencil
Sleek pressed powder

Purple rain

This is the start of many of my catch up posts *sighs* so brace yourselves.

Anyways i did this makeup for my friend's birthday back in march. Everyone surprisingly loved it.
I know this pic makes its look really hey i was tired when i took it 4give me.

I used:
Sleek purple eyeshadow (from the palette)
Random mascara
Rimmel eyeliner
Sleek pressed powder (biscuit)
Rimmel eyebrow pencil