Monday, 9 March 2009

Treasure chest

I went fabric shopping today for the designs I drew and I picked up the two most gorgeous fabrics out there. Even with all the confusion that comes with a huge ass fabric village (seriously, they have such a thing here in Indonesia) I knew that I wanted to start out making the few staple pieces that I designed because if these were successful then there was a huge chance the others would be successful too, I did feel a little sad that I couldn't find the perfect cotton lace brocade for my vintage-esque batwing top thing.

Man I need a new name for that.

But here you can see I got a purple kimono/batik type fabric that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it lying around. I figure I'll probably turn this into either the strapless minidress with poofy skirt part and the sheer shoulders or the poofy miniskirt...still undecided, which probably means that I will ask the Mother.

The white fabric is a silk satin that was a steal (!!!) and it was the last piece of it's kind so I thought I might as well take the risk and nab it. I haven't designed anything for it just yet but I'm thinking a drool-inducing ruffle/secretary type blouse? It looks too good in my head but I think I'd have to draw it out.

Also, the Mother was spring cleaning and threw away all her short skirts and even though she's two sizes smaller than I am (so tiny!) I figured that I should at least try some out and luckily I did because these babies are pretty. I'm particularly excited about the grey skintight miniskirt ( gorgeous and so comfy) and the almost frumpy leaf-detail pencil skirt. I don't know why but they give me the flutters.

I'll be thrifting this weekend so I'm pretty sure I'll find something good, and if not, I'll have fun running around in my new white ruffle minidress. It has the tackiest denim collar that made me fall in love with it. Pictures will come on Saturday methinks.

On an extra note, why is it so hard to find a cheap/affordable version of this:

I like the fact it looks like the upholstery decided to eat the model.

xxx TalkingMonkee

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