Friday, 6 March 2009

Tip for removing mascara

Me again!!!

I forgot something...

I seem to have a problem with my eyelashes falling out whilst removing mascara, which many women go through, so here is my wonderful bonus tip.

You will need:

  • Old mascara wand

  • Any brand makeup remover cream

  • Tissue/paper towels

  • Cotton pad

  • Eye cream (most important!!!)

  1. Wash your old mascara wand in warm water and dry throughly
  2. Get you eye makeup cream and pour a small amount of the back of your hand
  3. Take your clean mascara wand and dip the wand in the cream on the back of your hand making sure that the bristles are covered in cream
  4. Use the wand as if you are applying mascara to your lashes, paying careful attention to the tip and the bottom of your lashes. Also carefully zig-zag and twist the wand in your lashes.
  5. Take wand and wipe on it on you paper towel/tissue, you will notice how much mascara has come off.
  6. Take the cotton pad and dab some more eye makeup remover cream on to it, then cover this on ONE EYE (please do not be stupid and cover both eyes you will end up not seeing anything also CLOSE your eye i do not want law suits for not giving detailed descriptions and people getting blind from the products they are using!!!) Leave this on for at least two minutes.
  7. Take off the pad and gentle wipe DOWN all the eyeshadow, etc show come off as this has been absorbed by the remover, fold the pad in half and zig-zag your lashes with the pad to make sure the mascara has been fully removed. Do this to your other eye.
  8. Finally the most important part use eye cream, put eye cream on you RING FINGER (even if your not married you should know this) this finger is the least strongest and will not put pressure under your eyes, GENTLY (YES GENTLY) pat the cream under you eyes and on your eyelids these are very delicate areas so be GENTLE (and yes i will keep repeating GENTLY) ladies you will thank me for telling you this when you are in you thirties/forties as you will not look like a granny prematurely!!


You now have nice and clean eyes and will not wake up looking like a panda.Please remember the importance of eye cream it is so wonderful, if you want a soothing feel put the cream in the fridge it feels soo wonderfullll!


BabyEpiphany XXX

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