Monday, 2 March 2009

Clean and clear Cleanser

This is one of my staple products and kinda expensive too...OK it a fiver but so what that is expensive to me man. I could of bought yummy fast food with that.

So yea if you have atrocious skin (not like mine)

This is the product for you.

Its amazing but kind of strong, i think it contains salicylic acid. it makes my skin feel so clean, a little dry but good.

If you have a few zits, after a few days they will disappear.

*french accent* I guaranteee


So try it out, and please anyone in London who reads this, do not go too crazy. If i see this product run out. I will go crazy as my face has finally fallen in love.

Laters peeps (i do not normally say the word peeps, it sounds weird)

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