Monday, 2 March 2009

Neutrogena wave review

So there is this hype about this product, and God knows why...

So yea this product was just ALWAYSSS on TV.
I mean for goodness sake every time i switched channels Vanessa Hudgen's face just always popped up.

It was driving me NUTTS!

So me and my crazy head (along with my beloved - wish he stopped me...urgh) went to Boots and bought it.

Me and my stupid brain, I had too much cash at the time *sigh*

So after buying it i became increasingly excited (still God knows why) and rushed home (well got some food on the way a girl needs to eat) to use this "wonderful" product.

The vibrating noise in the bathroom did raise a few

So i admit after using the wave my face did feel amazingly soft, not as clean and cleansed as Hudgens stated on the ad but i can't blame her cos the girl does get paid to say that crap i mean for God's sake she doesn't use stuff like this any way.
She must go and get facials in posh spas every other day with the money they pay her(!) anyways....

...the next day my face felt AMAAAZZZING i mean after i used products on face it absorbed it so well...

Then DAY THREE came along.

Such a horrifying day *cries*

This product stated that it was good for ALL skin types

MY ASS it was....

You see i have combination skin my t-zone (my nose mainly) gets pretty oil, whereas my cheeks are dry.

So the wave messed up my cheeks and my forehead, you wouldn't believe how scabby my face looked. It was a total mess, I mean even a crocodile had better skin then i did after the wave.

So i had to put a whole lot of cocoa butter to make my face back to normal!


So i wasted £10 for nothing...the power of crappy commercials!!!

I would rate this product 10/10 for the first couple of days....

...after that 6/10! and i am being generous!!!!

I hope review warns people with combination skin!!!

However anyone with oily skin, i do recommend it.

BUT i do warn you it may make your face go made and want to over produce oil, because my nose went mad.

It made so much oil that i could almost run a car on it.

Hope u enjoyed my positive review.

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