Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mac Pro longwear Concealer

I have only just jumped on the MAC cosmetics bandwagon (shock, horror) I am a student so MAC can only be a treat for me.

Pro long wear is a new range from MAC (in fact I think it only came out this week.
I bought this a few days ago and I have to say I am impressed, this is the second mac product I bought I have another MAC concealer which I was not too impressed with (f$% spots galore!)
So anyway, on MAC's website it states that it covers up under eye circles and discolourations and lasts up to 15hours I did read somewhere that it is good for acne prone skin so it will not clog pore like my other concealer did (FFS Grr..¬__¬)
It has quite a watery consistency which put me off at first, but I have to say it does cover very well, and it doesn't feel like it will give me another 100million spots.

I bought NC50 (pictured) I think it might be a little bit too dark for me as I have a yellow undertone and this is quite redish/brown. I might swap it for NC45 or NW45 I don't quite fit into a mac shade which sucks.
In the winter I am an NC 40/45 and during the summer NC50/NW50. Winter seems to have come early for me so I guess I will exchange it for an NW45 .

I will edit this post with pics of how well it covers my blemishes/scars when I get time to exchange it.


NOTD (Nail(s) of the Day)

I got this from superdrug, cannot quite remember how much I paid. All I know that it is an uber pretty colour atm I am quite obssessed with purple.

I realised I did not really have a pink polish so I decided to get one it was only 99p from westfield such a bargain!

I also picked up these two I need to prove a couple of people wrong as I know a few people that think gold looks awful. So as soon as I try it on I will post pics I am just a little lazy today.

BabyEpiphany xx

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

myface.cosmetics Part Une

This is like my first post in ages, due to technical difficulties and other commitments (long story) and I have so many posts that I should have done. I will try and update as often as possible. So I shall start with the most important.

So ages ago I got sent some stuff from myfacecosmetics they claim to have
makeup suitable for all skin tones (light, medium and dark)

Here I have some blushes they are uber pretty so here they are:

....and they actually suit my skin tone!

usually I have trouble with blush sometimes its too pale or just doesn't look natural. If want want to do a china doll look I will be sure to use these colours.

These are available at boots it costs about £9-10, really good quality so you get what you pay for.