Saturday, 21 March 2009

What's hot in spring 09

This season, even though there is a global recession (sorry had to put economics in, i love that subject dammit) does not mean that us females have to look so damn awful.

So what is in this spring is EXPENSIVE (well cheaper in high street *grin*) and sparkly this includes metallic colours like gold and silver (well more of gold) gems and crystals.
The thing that is scary is that in my textiles coursework trend forecast i predicted all of this would be in fashion teheheh

Normally people would think that silky and sparkly fabrics are only meant for evening wear...BOY ARE YOU WRONG! gold skirts and tight pants can be worn during the day, and if you are in a job you still can be hot with a silver shirt...**squeee**

Overalls are also hot this season which come in black white and neutral colours...thing is i like them anyway and do not really follow these fashionistas as they can be really slow

Would you like to be outside in you PJs...i think not...although i know some losers who have done this...

...ANYWAYS...yes the most shocking thing in season is...uh huh...pyjamas. Vivien Westwood and Dolce and Gabbana have got pyjama suits in their catwalks...which i find crazy.

So i am going to watch out for that in London...

Classic American style is also back in. So watch out for Denim, Leather and comfortable T-shirts. Thank God comfort is back in the catwalk I've had enough pain looking good.

As for the extras...

Hats: straw hats and classic fedoras

Shoes: super much higher can they get??!

Bags: Reptile clutch bags and bags that are bigger than your body hehe i love them!

Jewelry: Big and bold, this includes large plastic bracelets and large earrings.

That is it for the spring season.

Hope you enjoy shopping.


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