Friday, 9 September 2011

Sleek "Au Naturel" Collection

This is not going to be a long winded review about a recent purchase on the Sleek collection. In fact I am not sure this post will even be counted as a review. This will be a short and not so sweet point about Sleek's new "au naturel" collection.

First of the all, this collection contains the usual; eyeshadow palette, lip gloss/pout polish and a blush. When I first heard Sleek was bringing out a natural everyday type of palette I was quite excited as for a long time I was looking for eyeshadow colours that I could use everyday without having to look like a clown. However I was quite disappointed, when I went into my local superdrug I saw the tester palate and was quite shocked because when I think of sleek I think of a brand that is for darker skins. I cannot say this applied to this particular palette:

I can honestly say I do not like this palette at all. I would only consider 3 perhaps 4 of the colours on this palette a nude/natural shade for darker skins, the other 8/9 shades would not look natural. I know sleek is trying to branch out and cater to other skin tones but to be frank this is so NOT on. I am even going to nit pick on the model they had used;

 she is light skinned! I mean come on now!? In my opinion this will make most people think that this natural palette is actually natural for person of her shade or close to her shade...

 Now about the blush, called Suede:

 this is not a colour that I would suggest for a dark skinned person at all, it would just look too ashy.

Finally the pout polish "Bare Minimum":

I shall repeat myself, this does not look like an effortless nude colour. I am going to assume Sleek thinks this is one of those one-shade-suits-all colours. Well not in my opinion.

 Do not get me wrong I normally really love Sleek products, but recently I have noticed some things which has been a reoccurring theme for cosmetic brands that are directed to darker skinned females or women of colour, and that is FORGETTING ABOUT WOMEN OF COLOUR (pardon my caps).

Sleek has done many correct things with its marketing, which has clearly worked so well, as a whole range of races have grown to love the brand, due to it being known for their affordable yet highly pigmented products. This time however, it seems that they have failed as they have tried hard to branch out but made the massive mistake of making the shade seem almost exclusive to a light skin/Caucasian market.

If this natural/nude collection is going to made as a permanent fixture to sleek, I suggest they do this: have three different shade models one light, one dark and one medium as the faces of the nude collection. . I suggest this because I feel that by using the one model people will assume that the collection is specified or is more suited to the person of that shade.We all know that nude of a dark skin person will not be a nude of a light skinned person Secondly for the pout polishes there should be possibly two or three shades same goes for the blush. Lastly the darker shades of the eyeshadow could be perhaps more pigmented and it might be better not to have the black eyeshadow in the collection as it is a waste of space. Black is not nude for neither light or dark skinned people.

There rant over.Sorry if it was not the "omg I love this product" type of review but truth has to be told, and it is constructive criticism for sleek.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Why do makeup brands in the UK NOT cater for dark skins

I found this interesting article in the Guardian. It is slightly old yet it still applies:

I found everything in the article to be true. I will never understand why makeup is so hard to find for black womens. I  wonder why America has such a vast choice of shades and the UK does not? America is obviously a bigger country but both countries have a black and asians in society.

Why do brands such L'oreal and Revlon use LIGHT skinned black people such as Beyonce and Halle Berry to model for them, and what is worse is that they have clearly been airbrushed into a lighter tone, also the foundation that has been used on them can never be found at a local Boots or Superdrug. No offence to Halle Berry and Beyonce but they do not represent the whole black population in the UK nor anywhere for that matter. Black people like Caucasians do come in an array of different skin tones maybe even more. So why is it when we are "lucky" enough to find a company that does foundation for darker shades there is only ONE. ONE!
Come to think of it, quite frankly I feel really sorry for Asians when it comes to cosmetics, because in ad campaigns, they simply do not exist. Think about it, when was the last time you have seen an Oriental or Indian in a Maybelline, L'oreal or Revlon cosmetic advert. They are not even showcased regularly in a hair advert!! and God knows Asians have been blessed with beautiful hair! This just simply makes no sense!!!

Makeup companies in the UK need to wake up and realise that white females are not the only ones that buy cosmetics. I am sick and tired of hearing bull about blacks only making 2% of the population! this 2% has needs to!

I am acutally annoyed at the fact that I have to fork out almost £30 on a Mac foundation whereas some of my friends just have to spend between £5-£10 for theirs. Where is the equality in that..?

Oh and before I forget, yes, I do realise that the brand Sleek exists, but I have my issues with them. Particualary recently with their "au natural" collection. However I shall leave that for another post.


BabyEpiphany xx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

New shades for YSL Touche Eclat

About time! Ysl have been so damn slow bringing new shades in.

I have always known that colours 1-3 were readily available. Colour 4 just seemed to not exist even though some have sworn to buy it duty free at airports. Anyway according to the telegraph they have come out with TWO (?) additional shades 6 and 7 (though I think (4)-7 are the new shades...hmm whatever) these are suitable for darker skins and should be available by July. I know Selfridges are selling shades 1-3,5,6 on their website. Hopefully the telegraph and YSL are not bulls***ing and 7 will be around soon.

I am happy these shades are out as not only the lighter gals are having all the fun of looking good, but I still think its really stupid it has taken this long for them to come out with these shades as I could swear darker skins, particularly asian skin is susceptible to under eye circles and dark spots. So research fail on the YSL teams behalf.

Oh and also sleek have come out with their own highlighter pen which I shall review soon. Its much cheaper too so anyone on a budget should be quite happy.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Forever 21 is coming to London!!!!

I am so going to dance around the day it opens.
I have already picked the stuff I want to buy...

I cannot wait to go shopping!!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The research starts here...

Unfortunately I have conformed to using mac makeup. I mean it is not such a bad thing as I can afford to, but for those that are on a budget or for the teenagers that simply will never have the money until are financially independent it is NOT good enough! 
I find it highly unfair that fair skinned teens can pick and choose whatever makeup brand, whatever type of makeup whether it be foundation, powder or highlighter powders for the  cheapest price whereas asians, (perhaps) orientals and blacks have to go out to some far out area to get reasonable priced makeup which sometimes does not even match their skintone (the amount of people I have seen on the street with ashy faces are ridiculous!)
To be fair SOME companies do sell ONE SHADE of "dark" foundation, well reality people! darker people come in ALL SORTS OF SHADES! 

So I shall now take it into my own hands and contact the makeup companies that I feel are not doing their best to promote and sell makeup for most shades because the amount of bull that I have heard that they have found the shades they sell are not selling...perhaps these companies should promote the dark shades properly and people WILL BUY IT!

Rant over.

xxxxxxxBabyepiphany xxxx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

NOTD/Andrea Fulerton haul

I bought a couple of goodies from superdrug (as usual)
I bought nail polish from a new brand called Andrea Fulerton

I initially thought that the main colour was the light blue and the dark was the skinny brush to create any design but....

The darker colour was glitter =D and the light one has the skinny brush 
I find it cool and annoying at the same time as that means I will have to buy another nail polish separately (I guess its a marketing technique)

I tried it I know it my polish skills aren't that great but I was tired and in a rush. To be honest the brush is slightly tricky to use as the polish drips everywhere I am not sure if that is because of the consistency of the formula or its the brush.

I also bought nail stickers (or tattoos) from the same brand these are chains which I find quite awesome, there are also skulls and cross bone stickers those are the only one I saw at superdrug there might be more designs.

I also tried it, it looks a little better than my skinny brush "designs" (lol). It is very easy to apply all you need to do is put the stickers on the nails and paint clear polish over it to seal them.

I think they are awesome =D

The polish costs £4.99 and the stickers £1.99 I think they are only available at superdrug as I've never seen it in boots. At the moment its 3 for 2 so I plan to get some more before the offer ends =]


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Need some short shorts...

I have been looking for a nice modest pair of shorts, but for some strange reason Slutty Hotpants are in fashion! God only knows why because it is in the middle of WINTER!!!
So if any of you followers or fellow bloggers can point me in the direction of some nice pair of shorts, I would be very, very greatful =D


Friday, 12 November 2010

Online shopping is the devil...

Right I was on the topshop website again *grumbles* and I found this:

It is a wide corset belt that will go with every outfit that I have, BUT and that is a very BIG BUT, the belt costs £45!
...sorry for repeating myself.

I cannot at all justify paying £45 for a belt, if I was not a student and had a full time job that paid great money then wayhey i will buy it.

But come on...for a belt that is ridiculous...I could be a dress or a coat from new look for the same price.

Can someone try and justify paying that amount of money for a belt? 


Monday, 8 November 2010

I want this =D

I was bored last night, for some strange reason I was on the topshop website (I might as well mention that I HATE TOPSHOP...I know *shock horror* a blogger that hates topshop! Its too damn expensive and some of the clothes are not that great.)

Well I found two rings that I really want...


I love the skull one more, I saw a guy whilst I was working with a similar ring so I now I have a love for skulls ¬__¬

However, these rings are £10 each (grr) its not that I cannot afford them its just that I think they are not worth it, knowing topshop products the silver will come off after the first wear (I have had this experience with three topshop rings)

Also I bought an awesome dress from the H&M online shop, I shall show you all when it arrives =D


Friday, 1 October 2010

Blush haul

Nicka K Tan Glow

Nicka Ruby Glow

Milani: Copper Sunshine

Left to Right: Tan Glow, Ruby, Copper sunshine
Note: These are heavily swatched.

I got these on the cheap from westfield (you would be surprised at the amount of bargains I find there!) I am rekindling my love for blush, so I decided to buy these three.
Milani is technically a bronzer but it is called a blush bronzer when I swatched it, it looked amazing but on my face it looks iffy, so I will have to work out how to do it. Milanis website specifies that it can be used under the eyes, on the foerhead, cheeks and nose but NOT all over because it is too shimmery.
These shades are great for darker skin tones, I am on the look out for cheapish powder foundation for dark skins. Drug store brands suck particularly Maybelline and L'oreal because they advertise dark skin models yet when you look in store there are no dark skin shades.... oh.. wait.. I stumbled upon one (grr) and that was at boots in oxford st (double grr). Sometimes I think these companies think dark skinned people do not exist!
So my search will continue and I will let you guys know!

BabyEpiphany x

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mac Pro longwear Concealer

I have only just jumped on the MAC cosmetics bandwagon (shock, horror) I am a student so MAC can only be a treat for me.

Pro long wear is a new range from MAC (in fact I think it only came out this week.
I bought this a few days ago and I have to say I am impressed, this is the second mac product I bought I have another MAC concealer which I was not too impressed with (f$% spots galore!)
So anyway, on MAC's website it states that it covers up under eye circles and discolourations and lasts up to 15hours I did read somewhere that it is good for acne prone skin so it will not clog pore like my other concealer did (FFS Grr..¬__¬)
It has quite a watery consistency which put me off at first, but I have to say it does cover very well, and it doesn't feel like it will give me another 100million spots.

I bought NC50 (pictured) I think it might be a little bit too dark for me as I have a yellow undertone and this is quite redish/brown. I might swap it for NC45 or NW45 I don't quite fit into a mac shade which sucks.
In the winter I am an NC 40/45 and during the summer NC50/NW50. Winter seems to have come early for me so I guess I will exchange it for an NW45 .

I will edit this post with pics of how well it covers my blemishes/scars when I get time to exchange it.


NOTD (Nail(s) of the Day)

I got this from superdrug, cannot quite remember how much I paid. All I know that it is an uber pretty colour atm I am quite obssessed with purple.

I realised I did not really have a pink polish so I decided to get one it was only 99p from westfield such a bargain!

I also picked up these two I need to prove a couple of people wrong as I know a few people that think gold looks awful. So as soon as I try it on I will post pics I am just a little lazy today.

BabyEpiphany xx