Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Chickenpox in Monochrome

I'm going out to my kid cousin's birthday party in Pizza Hut. Man, I love me some Pizza Hutt. Well, this is the other top that I got from thrifting and it's gorgeous. Ever so slightly semi-sheer and oh-so 80s with the shoulder pads and the polkadots excite me. The fabric is also gorgeous, it's satin and so suitable in the hot weather we're currently experiencing. God, I can imagine this with a short black skirt or with a turtleneck and black tights.


Anyway, my friend got me a pair of these proper combat boots (official army boots) that are so adorable. They're kinda heavy but I'm sure that's half the appeal and the whole monochrome effect is kinda cool too.


I actually was going to fall down and that's why I'm ever so slightly fuzzy and touching holding onto the door of my wardrobe. Teehee.

I painted my nails and toes red. Love. It's the classic Revlon Red that everybody loves.


  • Vintage 80's polkadot top
  • Unlabelled black skinny jeans
  • Unlabelled black bead necklace
  • Nine West black lace heels


  1. ur defo pulling off that top :) pretty! good thing u had putri and me to convince you to buy the cruella devile top (not like u needed any more convincing :p)

  2. Hardy har. I liketh the top pretty and the fabric is soooo RIGHT for the weather right now.