Friday, 21 August 2009


New bag that I bought with my birthday money. It is the shiznit. I'm pretty sure that I can fit my whole life in it, binder and laptop and all. It's pretty impressive, I might even turn out to be the next Mary Poppin. It was also a bargain being only Rp 250,000 (around $25) from it's original price which was Rp 600,000 (around $60). Woot!


Thursday, 20 August 2009


My first venture into pale jeans was a success, I think. I've been avoiding pale jeans (except for shorts, but that's a completely different story) for a while now since I've always been rather heavy bottomed but I've lost a bit of weight recently so I've been feeling rather more confident...not that I needed to lose it but I just recently tried to get a bit healthier. Exercise more, eat less junk, the whole shebang. Anyway, on to more pressing issues, these jeans were cheap-ass and they had zippers on the side which made me fall in love with them even more. Of course they don't have anything on the Zara TRF navy corduroy zipper jeans that I fell in love with last time but they should satisfy my cravings.

I'm also wearing some really gorgeous earrings I got from my friends for my birthday, and a wickedly technicolour bangle that makes my day, even if it IS too tight. I'm pretty psyched about the earrings though because I don't usually wear them but these make me want to get more.

Went to waste (waste? Invest, more like :P) my birthday voucher today and got myself a really gorgeous bag from Debenhams. Black leather, two straps (one long, one short) and it's humongous so that when I go to university this September (so close!) I can stuff everything in it.

  • Forever 21 white shirt
  • Ballet waistband (to create fold in shirt)
  • Unlabelled skinny jeans
  • Amante leather lace up wedges

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


We've officially joined the ranks of the IFB so it'll make it easier for you guys to find us! So proud!


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Ostentatious Olsens...but in a good way

God they're style is so awesome it pretty much hurts. I have no idea how they do it (being so stylish and nonchalant at the same time) but Mary-Kate and Ashley are really the ultimate, qute up there with Kate Moss. I also love how they brought back the Sam Edelman buckle shoes and how everyone else in the fashion hemisphere went totally ga-ga over them. Even though Mary-Kate is my favourite, I still love them both.


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Leather Tartan

Something I wore to go birthday shopping...

  • Cotton on tartan blazer
  • Victoria's secret white singlet top
  • Unlabelled blue jeans
  • London Rebel leather ankle boots

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Sorry I know this is not fashion or makeup related but I had to just scream and shout about a model I am in love with.

Crystal Renn

Age: 23

Height: 5′9” / 175 cm

Measurements (source: Fashion Model Directory): (US) 39-32-43 / (EU) 99-81-109 cm.

Dress Size: UK 16 US 12

Look at this beauty.

The reason why I am showing her off is because me like most women and young girls out there hate being in a world that highlights how being skinny or anorexic is the be all and end all.
I mean seriously what kind of examples are we to young children that think being fat is something to feel sorry for or to hate.

So yeah I had to show her off and become an advocate of real curvaceous women.

Oh yeah and girlies - Stop hating and start loving yourself.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Blue Rose

Now I have just started to fall in love with lipstick (yea I know a bit late init...). So I started to look around for daring/bold colours (this is the part of the new "daring" me) so this NYC lipstick is the most daring I am going to get heheheh (for £1.99 heheh).
I am not quite ready to do bold lips and bold eyes, I am too scared I will look like a teenage hooker. It looks nice on other people but not moi. This colour took time for me to get used to but I think it is ok.
Tomorrow I might buy a fushia coloured lippy..but if a look like an idiot I am sooo not going to post pics!
Oh and before anyone asks it is a purple pinkish colour just before you might think its just pink!
So does it suit me?

Sunday, 2 August 2009


  • Unlabelled blue skinny jeans
  • River Island yellow baby doll top
  • TMNT lace thingy
  • Elephant bag from Bangkok