Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The research starts here...

Unfortunately I have conformed to using mac makeup. I mean it is not such a bad thing as I can afford to, but for those that are on a budget or for the teenagers that simply will never have the money until are financially independent it is NOT good enough! 
I find it highly unfair that fair skinned teens can pick and choose whatever makeup brand, whatever type of makeup whether it be foundation, powder or highlighter powders for the  cheapest price whereas asians, (perhaps) orientals and blacks have to go out to some far out area to get reasonable priced makeup which sometimes does not even match their skintone (the amount of people I have seen on the street with ashy faces are ridiculous!)
To be fair SOME companies do sell ONE SHADE of "dark" foundation, well reality people! darker people come in ALL SORTS OF SHADES! 

So I shall now take it into my own hands and contact the makeup companies that I feel are not doing their best to promote and sell makeup for most shades because the amount of bull that I have heard that they have found the shades they sell are not selling...perhaps these companies should promote the dark shades properly and people WILL BUY IT!

Rant over.

xxxxxxxBabyepiphany xxxx