Monday, 20 April 2009

OMG I am in Love!!! *swoons*

OMG i want thesess soooo badly. I know many people do not like patent shoes (have no fricking idea as to why) but i have found the love of my life.

These shoes made by clarks....*collapes*
Such beauty...
*Sighs* ma mere bought these now i have to find a way to steal them from her...she has loads of shoes...when i say loads i mean LOADS.
So she can't notice if these babies go missing...I need to do a mission impossible in her bedroom and take these shoes!!!
I am off...*snoops around house*

1 comment:

  1. Oh My Godzilla...I am in love too. So pretty, so goody-two-shoes on the outside but totally-hot on the inside.

    Just wished it was a bit higher, my kinder bueno, then I would be even more in love with it. Seriously.

    xxx TalkingMonkee