Thursday, 16 April 2009

New prospects make my heart flutter

I'm going to university in Autumn 2009 and I'm pretty excited. I'll be going to Japan (Beppu, specifically) and I'll be studying Social Sciences (in addition to Japanese since we have to master at least the basics to actually graduate). It's all quite general in the first year but I'm hoping to either sign up for Sociology or International Governance but I think I'm more excited about the Tea Ceremony Club.


But anyway, to more important stuff. University means new clothes, baby! I'm pretty psyched about that, actually and it's part of the for me being excited for uni.

So here's my current list:

  • The perfect pair of skinny jeans in dark, dark, DARK blue. Also, a pair in black...I already have one (evident in this blog!) but it doesn't hurt to have more...
  • Brown leather belts, perfect for making that feminine look a tad more masculine.
  • One thin, colourful belt. For when I wear a boring outfit and want to trick people into thinking I totally dressed up.
  • A LOT of black opaque tights. I can't live without these babies.
  • A jumpsuit...maybe? I don't know for sure but it's worth a try?
  • A bunch of jewelrey. Hopefully loads of chunky things that make noise when I move. *grin*
  • A trench coat. One in a nice cream/brown colour and another in a bright colour. Exciting, much?
  • Loose tank tops in basic colours (black, white and grey). What else do you need to layer or just to wear with a wicked pair of jeans when it gets hot?
  • SHOES! I need to get two pair of flats (possibly a bootie with a lot of buckles and a basic black flat) and three pairs of heels (two wicked heels that are amazingly high and look like they kill my feet and a pair of black pumps for all the professional stuff).
  • Lace tights. Purdy purdy purdy...looks like I drew on my legssssssssss....
  • Oh, yea, wow...almost completely forgot. Boots. Kneee high perhaps? And black...deliciously black.
  • A scarf. Big, fat and woolly. My neck is warm just thinking about it.
  • A gorgeous coat. This one would have to be awesomely high quality because in the winters/autumn I am going to LIVE IN IT.
  • Another shoe I've forgotten. Super high shoes with glass/plastic cut out wedges.
  • Something leopard print. Not sure what though. Perhaps a top? Or shoes? *drools*
  • A black miniskirt. With a zip hopefully? Please???
  • A bustier top. What? I'm not gonna wear it aloneeee! Can't you just imagine with a genius pair of jeans and a gorgeous coat on top? Yes and YES.
  • Two new bags, both a tote in leather, I'm hoping. One in black and the other in a neutral/cream/beige colour. Hopefully the cream one will have a fringe...a little bit of mohiccan can be deliciousss.
  • The ultimate LBD. Why? Because I like to party...and I'm pretty I probably won't wear anything BUT this to any sort of party.
  • A million mini dresses (floral, sixties, whatever). Coz I'm on a skirt kick right now.
  • A couple of new waistcoats.
  • New underwear. Pretty ones...that are seamless...and actually match. D'oh.
  • Anything with lace on it. End of.

Well, that's my list for now. I'm not really sure what else I wanna get but I'm sure there's more. I'll just add on to them later on.

xxx TalkingMonkee

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