Saturday, 25 April 2009

Hey you! I thought you liked a little Kurt Cobain in your flower field

I've never tried on a maxi dress before, and boy do I regret it. Maxi dresses are genius! They keep you cool in the unbearably hot and sticky weather while hiding all your lumps and bumps. Genius, I tell you...I should find more maxi dresses or find more ways to wear this one.

I opted for chucks instead of sandals because I thought it looked a little too tropical holiday and I quite like it.

Also, two pieces of sad news; one, I have contracted an eye virus and can't wear my contacts for a while and so I'm running around like a blind bat. And two, my mother is forcing me to spring clean my wardrobe so its au revoir for a lot of my clothes.


  • Unlabelled maxi dress
  • Vintage sheer shirt
  • Blue Converses

1 comment:

  1. have 2 clean ur wardobe.

    Well you can send some clothes to me you know *grin*