Thursday, 30 April 2009

Prom = Shopping+Dressing up!!

Well my year is having a prom soon (and im on the commitee) so it that time of the year where i am actually able to spend a hell of a lot of money(for a studen) and NO ONE bats an eyelid!!
So these dresses i have been looking at range from a cheap $150-$400...i am sooo NOT bothered to convert it to sterling the exchange rate changes too much!
I do not actually have a favourite i like them all...*sigh*

Well i will go dress shopping after June 18th (my last exam!!!) Will show more pics then!


  1. they all look gorgeous! love the 2nd one most though :) ahh i also need a prom dress! stupid exams are taking up my shopping time :p

  2. I know right! Well after exams shopping time will begin!