Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To wear or not to wear: Harem pants

In a few minutes I should be heading off to school to do my Biology Mock exams (all three papers! Agh!!!!) and I thought that's it be nice to spare my head a few thoughts on something other than the academic.

Last week (Sunday, specifically) one of my friends came to school (all the art kids did) and she was wearing harem pants. At first I gasped and gawked and my eyes were hideously open that I must've looked bug-eyed but then after a while it dawned on me that it didn't look half bad...and her body shape was similar to mine (except I'm taller!).

So, right now I'm considering whether or not I should add harem pants to my university list. It would be pretty awesome to wear during exam weeks, methinks, since they look incredibly comfy. I'd probably get a more subdued version (like the one above) instead of the full on MC Hammer one's.

Picture taken from ASOS website (Kookai range)


  1. I am actually planning on buying a pair this summer teheheh

  2. so does putri know about this post? hahaha.