Thursday, 23 April 2009

Sleek Gel Eyeliner Ink Pot

Everyone knows that when you use pencil eyeliners that they start smudging after awhile which is bloody annoying!


Also most people know that to avoid this smudge you should invest in a good, well known, big branded EXPENSIVE eyeliner...such as Mac's gel eyeliner.


Not anymore that is.

So yea i went to Superdrug and bought some new makeup (as you can see i am about to rave on about this new buy) I do not do this so often since talkmonkee has left moi in london alone...*dramatic voice* wander makeup stores without a friend.

Anyways so i bought sleek's gel eyeliner it was only £4 well £3.91 due to the VAT cut (haha lil economics for ya) i mean what did i have to loose...woops i mean gain!

Boy was this eyeliner GOOOOD it never smudges!!! EVER!!! i mean except when i stupid rub my eyes.

So London...sorry everyone else...BUY IT, its good and you will not look like you came from china to join a zoo...i wasnt being offensive i meant you won't look like a PANDA!!


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