Thursday, 16 April 2009

New look

Well I got bored of my look so i decided to get some hair extensions in, and cos i was planning on doing something with my friends for my birthday. I might as well look good.



I actually like this messy look, i stuck a couple of rollers in. I will officially say that curling tongs are full of rubbish whenever curly hair wants to be achieved.

NO SERIOUSLY im not kidding if you want curly hair do not use curling tongs. Use...

...HAIR STRAIGHTENERS(...or flat iron for people who are not british..i prefer sayin flat iron)

Sounds ironic...hahah I know. i think many people know about this.
If i am bothered i will make a video for you guys to watch. But i am sure many of you know how to do it.

Ok so here is my attempt to explain:-

-Get ur hair straighteners, set it to the highest setting (if your hair is hard to straighten)
-Clamp a small section of your hair or larger if you have a wider plate hair straightener
-Twist the hair straightener all the way round towards you
-Then pull the staightener and continue to twist at the same time.

WOO you now have a brilliant curl!

If your still stuck..look on youtube hahaha...sorry!

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