Monday, 23 February 2009

Well Helloooo Ladies (and gents)

*Waves* helllooo everyone, k this is my first post, yea i know no piccies, but i will soon put them up.

Atm i am absoulutely obessesd with arabs....(please don't ask...well i am practically engaged to one *sigh*so i do kinda get away with it.) so i am currently checking out arabic makeup.

I love it its soo dramatic and cool...but really toooo much foundation...for my skin anway.

I took at look at cleopatra's makeup (i know she is greek but whateverrrr) hahah the closest thing is Elizabeth taylor, but she was so buff in her hay days:

Here is more modern arabic makeup:

Buff Right??? So much eye Definition!!! *giggles* I know the down side is the foundation, not good for the skin.
Well I shall try and do an Fotd on this kinda of makeup.
Hehehe i am getting excited thinking about it

Laters people.


  1. hey, i just found your blog. i googled black eyeshadow because i wanted to find some fun ideas on how to apply it for a date tonite and your site popped up. the modern arabic ideas are awesome! those pics are so pretty and i like that there is still color in them. i wanted to do something other than just a mix of grey, black, and white. i'm definitely trying this out tonite :) Thanks!

  2. hello....AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO BE ON THE ARABIC PAGE?!:P hahahahah am boreddddd