Saturday, 28 February 2009

Peridot green

Another post in one day, but only because I had a wedding to go to. Of course, this isn't your typical white wedding that is often showcased in the West. This is an Indonesian wedding where 50% of the wedding guests are practically strangers and vice versa, and it's always a lot of fun...especially since I get to dress up and eat good food.

I had duck today which was yummy yum yums.

Oh, and this is my first Face of the Day (FOTD) so I hope you enjoy it. My left eye (your right, presumably) is a tad red for some odd reason and I've got an extra crease on that eye today (my left eye likes to change a lot, one day my creases will be even and the next day they won't be) so it looks smaller than the other eye.


  • Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Softlex
  • Blush: Lancome (not sure what colour)
  • Eyeliner: 17 trio eyeshadow in Monochrome
  • Mascara: Rimmel
  • Lipliner: Wet 'n' Wild in Brandywine
  • Lipstick: Some random Australian brand that I got as a gift and the colour's called "Barely There". It's a gorgeous gold colour with a hint of pink, though it's hard to wear on it's own.

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