Wednesday, 18 February 2009

TalkingMonkee takes the plunge...

Please, please, please ignore the face in the last photo. I couldn't decide what to do with it.


My parents love surprises, and so they're taking the whole family on a surprise trip this weekend, and since it's a surprise and whatnot, they're not telling us where we're heading to and so I have no idea what to wear so I'm showcasing four outfits and bringing two.

I'm also pretty bitter that this means I'm missing a party, but whatever.

Outfit 1:

- Thrifted flower-print night gown (shortened with my amazing sewing skills...though they're not so amazing...)

- Next wide black belt

- Vintage brown hat

- Clarks combat boots

Outfit 2

- No label black skinny jeans

- Primark patent red shoes

- Vintage mustard yellow belt

- Vintage checkered waistcoat

- Expression purple long-sleeved baby doll top

Outfit 3

- George turquoise (it's not actually that blue) low cut top with batwings

- DIY black mini skirt

Outfit 4

- Unlabelled black skinny jeans

- Unlabelled blue espadrille wedges

- MK black and white empire line top

xxx TalkingMonkee

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