Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Why do makeup brands in the UK NOT cater for dark skins

I found this interesting article in the Guardian. It is slightly old yet it still applies:

I found everything in the article to be true. I will never understand why makeup is so hard to find for black womens. I  wonder why America has such a vast choice of shades and the UK does not? America is obviously a bigger country but both countries have a black and asians in society.

Why do brands such L'oreal and Revlon use LIGHT skinned black people such as Beyonce and Halle Berry to model for them, and what is worse is that they have clearly been airbrushed into a lighter tone, also the foundation that has been used on them can never be found at a local Boots or Superdrug. No offence to Halle Berry and Beyonce but they do not represent the whole black population in the UK nor anywhere for that matter. Black people like Caucasians do come in an array of different skin tones maybe even more. So why is it when we are "lucky" enough to find a company that does foundation for darker shades there is only ONE. ONE!
Come to think of it, quite frankly I feel really sorry for Asians when it comes to cosmetics, because in ad campaigns, they simply do not exist. Think about it, when was the last time you have seen an Oriental or Indian in a Maybelline, L'oreal or Revlon cosmetic advert. They are not even showcased regularly in a hair advert!! and God knows Asians have been blessed with beautiful hair! This just simply makes no sense!!!

Makeup companies in the UK need to wake up and realise that white females are not the only ones that buy cosmetics. I am sick and tired of hearing bull about blacks only making 2% of the population! this 2% has needs to!

I am acutally annoyed at the fact that I have to fork out almost £30 on a Mac foundation whereas some of my friends just have to spend between £5-£10 for theirs. Where is the equality in that..?

Oh and before I forget, yes, I do realise that the brand Sleek exists, but I have my issues with them. Particualary recently with their "au natural" collection. However I shall leave that for another post.


BabyEpiphany xx

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