Saturday, 18 December 2010

NOTD/Andrea Fulerton haul

I bought a couple of goodies from superdrug (as usual)
I bought nail polish from a new brand called Andrea Fulerton

I initially thought that the main colour was the light blue and the dark was the skinny brush to create any design but....

The darker colour was glitter =D and the light one has the skinny brush 
I find it cool and annoying at the same time as that means I will have to buy another nail polish separately (I guess its a marketing technique)

I tried it I know it my polish skills aren't that great but I was tired and in a rush. To be honest the brush is slightly tricky to use as the polish drips everywhere I am not sure if that is because of the consistency of the formula or its the brush.

I also bought nail stickers (or tattoos) from the same brand these are chains which I find quite awesome, there are also skulls and cross bone stickers those are the only one I saw at superdrug there might be more designs.

I also tried it, it looks a little better than my skinny brush "designs" (lol). It is very easy to apply all you need to do is put the stickers on the nails and paint clear polish over it to seal them.

I think they are awesome =D

The polish costs £4.99 and the stickers £1.99 I think they are only available at superdrug as I've never seen it in boots. At the moment its 3 for 2 so I plan to get some more before the offer ends =]



  1. i love the nail design i would love to try it some day thank you for sharing!