Saturday, 21 May 2011

New shades for YSL Touche Eclat

About time! Ysl have been so damn slow bringing new shades in.

I have always known that colours 1-3 were readily available. Colour 4 just seemed to not exist even though some have sworn to buy it duty free at airports. Anyway according to the telegraph they have come out with TWO (?) additional shades 6 and 7 (though I think (4)-7 are the new shades...hmm whatever) these are suitable for darker skins and should be available by July. I know Selfridges are selling shades 1-3,5,6 on their website. Hopefully the telegraph and YSL are not bulls***ing and 7 will be around soon.

I am happy these shades are out as not only the lighter gals are having all the fun of looking good, but I still think its really stupid it has taken this long for them to come out with these shades as I could swear darker skins, particularly asian skin is susceptible to under eye circles and dark spots. So research fail on the YSL teams behalf.

Oh and also sleek have come out with their own highlighter pen which I shall review soon. Its much cheaper too so anyone on a budget should be quite happy.



  1. It took 'em long enough :)! Can't wait to see the highlighter pen!

    I'm trying to get my second blog off the ground right now. It's purpose is to better connect the beauty blogging community. Maybe you can check it out, and if you like it you could follow :).

  2. Yeah of course I will follow =]