Sunday, 5 September 2010

Mac Pro longwear Concealer

I have only just jumped on the MAC cosmetics bandwagon (shock, horror) I am a student so MAC can only be a treat for me.

Pro long wear is a new range from MAC (in fact I think it only came out this week.
I bought this a few days ago and I have to say I am impressed, this is the second mac product I bought I have another MAC concealer which I was not too impressed with (f$% spots galore!)
So anyway, on MAC's website it states that it covers up under eye circles and discolourations and lasts up to 15hours I did read somewhere that it is good for acne prone skin so it will not clog pore like my other concealer did (FFS Grr..¬__¬)
It has quite a watery consistency which put me off at first, but I have to say it does cover very well, and it doesn't feel like it will give me another 100million spots.

I bought NC50 (pictured) I think it might be a little bit too dark for me as I have a yellow undertone and this is quite redish/brown. I might swap it for NC45 or NW45 I don't quite fit into a mac shade which sucks.
In the winter I am an NC 40/45 and during the summer NC50/NW50. Winter seems to have come early for me so I guess I will exchange it for an NW45 .

I will edit this post with pics of how well it covers my blemishes/scars when I get time to exchange it.



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  2. Hey,
    I really needed a darker skinned girl to review this product, i know what you mean about their other concealers, they just weren't doing it for me :| plus i hardly wear foundation, if ever lol, i have pretty good skin, BUT horrible!!! under eye circles, from lack of sleep and genes arghhh. I also know what you mean about their NC and NW, well NW is red brown, NC is golden/yellow. But the darker the NC shade the more it tends to the red/brown spectrum. In all honesty though yellow undertones look more natural on every skintone. By the way do they give you samples in UK department store??? :S

  3. @ Dolls factory:
    Hey yeah it would be cool to be to be blogger friends =D
    I am going to follow you, your blog looks cool!

  4. @anonymous:
    I know how you feel, which is why I am trying to make the effort to help darker skins out there reach their makeup potential lol.
    I know the difference between NC and NW but with the prowear concealer the shades are very different compared to the other products some shades are much darker.

    Prowear is very good for under eye circles but I would not recommend it for blemishes/scars as the consistency might not be enough to totally cover them. MACs studio sculpt is very good, in fact I will make a post specially for you to show you how good it is.
    Uk department stores do not usually give out samples and it also depends on the company, but MAC stores do have make up artists that will try the product on your face so that you know what will suit you.
    I now use prowear for my undereyes (just to brighten them up) because my skin tone is quite strange it is like and dark at the same time I am both and NC40 and NC 50 =[