Monday, 8 November 2010

I want this =D

I was bored last night, for some strange reason I was on the topshop website (I might as well mention that I HATE TOPSHOP...I know *shock horror* a blogger that hates topshop! Its too damn expensive and some of the clothes are not that great.)

Well I found two rings that I really want...


I love the skull one more, I saw a guy whilst I was working with a similar ring so I now I have a love for skulls ¬__¬

However, these rings are £10 each (grr) its not that I cannot afford them its just that I think they are not worth it, knowing topshop products the silver will come off after the first wear (I have had this experience with three topshop rings)

Also I bought an awesome dress from the H&M online shop, I shall show you all when it arrives =D



  1. Those rings are very cute!!


  2. They are I actually went out to buy them and I found out topshop no longer sells them =/ gutted

  3. wow!! I love the skulls, this ring is amazing! :P