Tuesday, 14 July 2009

White tattoos

Wore these pretty items (from Aussieland! I was planning on only wearing the lace bolero thing but I got greedy) on Monday to meet up with friend who I haven't seen in a million and one years. It was well worth it since the day was freaking hot but I couldn't be bothered to put on a pair of shorts.

I was way too lazy to tie my laces for the photo. Sorry, teehee.

  • TMNT cream lace bolero
  • George black tanktop (cotton)
  • Valley Girl pencil skirt
  • Rubi ankle boots



  1. OMFG! I friggin love every piece of clothing u got on in this pict! aahhh must have skirt with zippers!!!!

  2. SAVITRI? haha. im going to berlin tomorrow! i will of course be buying you a souveneir. nothing too tacky ;) + i LOVE this outfit- if im half as lucky with the shopping in germany youll see loads of photos on my blog too :p theyre supposed to have amazeball markets and vintage shops ( see what i did there? stole you flex) x

  3. LOL yea I met savitri on that day. She said I looked different :P more mature?

    hardy har.

    AHHH! GOOD LUCK IN BERLIN! I'm pretty sure you'll have an amazing time there! Happy shopping!