Friday, 10 July 2009

Aussieland Adventures: The Looks

Perth was pretty amazing. I loved the weather. It was freezing but it was the perfect kind of cold to have a trail of transitions outfit, the type where you could throw on a wooly coat over the prettiest summer dress...a bit like Spring but WAY more awesome.

Mostly, my cousins and I went on a shopping rampage since they were having their winter sale (read: a gazillion gorgeous boots for half price. I die.) but on other days we went out to see the sights and these sights were mostly of the sea (or what Perth had of it) and we did the typical chucking bread at birds thing. It was pretty gorgeous out there. Very lush, similar to New Zealand but it was very dry compared to it...but still...extremely lush.

I kinda miss it but I'm glad to be back in Indonesia. The summer wouldn't be complete without meeting up with a few friends.


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