Saturday, 25 July 2009

Glamour Puss

I had a thought and after searching some forums and such I SERIOUSLY NEED TO CATER TO DARKER SKINNED PEOPLE. I have been looking at youtube, videojug and other weird video websites, and nobody I mean NOBODY (as in not many dark skinned people) can do makeup its so bad I don't even want to post it.
No offence to light skins or anything, but I am fed up of your makeup tips!! WE need some good tips, so soon I might start doing videos or picture tutorials that are for the women of colour, cos this has got to stop seriously!!

So back to my ordinary post *grin* Here is the makeup I did for today:

What I used:

EYES: Sleek eyeshadow in purple and light pink, Sleek gel pot eyeshadow, Rimmel liquid eyeliner, Maybelline lash stiletto mascara.
Eyebrows: filled in with Rimmel eyebrow pencil.
Cheeks: Benefit Lip and cheek tint mixed with primark blush stick.

No foundation needed muahaahha my skin is looking good today *grins*

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