Saturday, 25 July 2009

Buy Less, Wear more

So I wore this today as I was job hunting and when I give my CVs out I wanted to give the manager (or whoever else I give it to) a nice impression, I didn't want to come across to outlandish, just simple, casual and not too sophiscated. So obviously skinny jeans and wedges are a good start *grins*...the rest is a simplified mix
I have been watching way too much of Gok Wan seriously...So I am not going to simplify my look (which I should take pictures of I am so sorry fellow bloggers I will do in the future).
Now I am going to adopt the Buy less wear more scheme and I am also going to stop buying Black and white and thinking they are "safe" colours that go with everything hahah.

I am now going to do more colour and more prints and more detail!!

In order to do that...I must get money I am still waiting for my £100! Then shopping away (I will buy less then normal!)

Vest top: Gap
Black Top: Sainsburys TU
Belt: Primark
Skinny Jeans: New Look

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