Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Review: Lulu's Time Bomb Eye make-up remover.

So a nice lady from a PR company sent me some stuff to try out and this was one of them (one of many in fact). Luckily one of the things she gave me was an eye make-up remover (I had ran out of my own) So I might as well take the opportunity to review it.

So as you can see, it comes in a pretty bottle (well it looks pretty to me). The liquid has two layers as you can see, the darker pink layer I think is the oils. Anyway every time you use it you have to shake the bottle until the layers can no longer be distinguished and obviously so its mixed well.

So here are some before and after pics to show how well it removed my eye make-up:



So as you can see this stuff can take of make-up really well. It felt like the "grime" just melted off my face. So its good if you are a lazy MF and you want to get your make-up off really quickly and collapse on your bed. I have to say that my face became quite oily, but i think this product is for the "older" lady as you know the secret to not ageing is not having dry/ultra hydrated skin. But overall this stuff is tres good.

It is pretty expensive (for me- but I am cheap ass) last time I checked it costs about £17 , so if you are a student...obviously you will not be able to even think about paying for it. People with very well paying jobs are so damn lucky GRR.

If you want more info click here

I shall review some more later



  1. Seems like a really good product, can you tell me who manufactures or owns the brand? Please email me on

  2. Hey there!
    I am not sure who the manufacturer is all I know is that it is available to buy on QVC's website or