Monday, 28 September 2009

Garnier Spot Roll On

Ahoy people, I am such a lazy blogger, and the laptop has been driving me nuts. Anyways I have to review something that has been bugging me - because it works so damn well.
This blog entry will be short and sweet, because I cannot stand being on this stupid PC for a long time.

Garnier spot roll on is ingenious (well to me). One day I was out with a couple of friends, all of a sudden a disgusting zit came up ( however it was small according to a friend I never listen to heheheh). So then I forced my friends into superdrug because this stupid spot was bugging me. I found it because it was unbelivably cheap - I AM A WELL KNOWN BARGAIN HUNTER MUAHAHAH, so it was about £3 and I was lucky enough to find the last one.
So anyway I used it and within TWO HOURS - YES TWO HOURS (I was sad enough to notice the time frame cos I get kept poking at the spot) the spot dissapeared.

If anyone is silly enough to not know how to use this stuff all you have to do is roll this stuff onto the spot and wait for it to dry. According to Garnier it dries really quickly which is a whole heap of bull cos I had to rub this stuff in to my skin. I can't complain cos it did get rid of my awful zit.

So yeah thats my review for the day (or year - depending if i ever get money again lol), it is a great product so use it. I don't know if I should recommend this to people with sensitive skin, I doubt you guys should use it cos it DOES contain SALICYLIC ACID (my best friend *grin*)

Oh and BTW if you do use it, make sure you cover it with a SPF cream cos it makes your skin ultra senstitive to the sun, and also this product is NOT normally £3 its £9. I was a lucky shizzle to get it for cheap tehehehe

Laters peeps (eww..I said peeps)

Babyepiphany XXXXX

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