Tuesday, 1 September 2009


One of my favourite birthday buys. It looks like an artist's smock gone right. This dress really made me want to twirl around and jump like a girl in the countryside. Which I did for a bit but...you know...without the actual countryside. I'm still in love with these terrorist boots (dubbed because they beeped at the airport) because they're really comfortable and they're just really pretty in general.

I'm wearing this to my cousin's birthday party whose dress code is "bright colours". This is probably as bright as I go. Hardy Har.

  • Forever 21 floral mini dress
  • Rubi boots


  1. omfg! your shoes and dress is so effing adorable! jealous! hahahaha. i love em! i miss your room and mostly i miss you kinder bueno!

  2. I miss you too kinder bueno! cooing at clothes isnt as fun as it used to be without thou :(