Thursday, 20 August 2009


My first venture into pale jeans was a success, I think. I've been avoiding pale jeans (except for shorts, but that's a completely different story) for a while now since I've always been rather heavy bottomed but I've lost a bit of weight recently so I've been feeling rather more confident...not that I needed to lose it but I just recently tried to get a bit healthier. Exercise more, eat less junk, the whole shebang. Anyway, on to more pressing issues, these jeans were cheap-ass and they had zippers on the side which made me fall in love with them even more. Of course they don't have anything on the Zara TRF navy corduroy zipper jeans that I fell in love with last time but they should satisfy my cravings.

I'm also wearing some really gorgeous earrings I got from my friends for my birthday, and a wickedly technicolour bangle that makes my day, even if it IS too tight. I'm pretty psyched about the earrings though because I don't usually wear them but these make me want to get more.

Went to waste (waste? Invest, more like :P) my birthday voucher today and got myself a really gorgeous bag from Debenhams. Black leather, two straps (one long, one short) and it's humongous so that when I go to university this September (so close!) I can stuff everything in it.

  • Forever 21 white shirt
  • Ballet waistband (to create fold in shirt)
  • Unlabelled skinny jeans
  • Amante leather lace up wedges


  1. No prob. Ill put a link to your page on my page. :)

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  3. @labeautifulvie: awesome, thanks so much for that. Your blog is very lovely by the way :)