Monday, 3 August 2009

Blue Rose

Now I have just started to fall in love with lipstick (yea I know a bit late init...). So I started to look around for daring/bold colours (this is the part of the new "daring" me) so this NYC lipstick is the most daring I am going to get heheheh (for £1.99 heheh).
I am not quite ready to do bold lips and bold eyes, I am too scared I will look like a teenage hooker. It looks nice on other people but not moi. This colour took time for me to get used to but I think it is ok.
Tomorrow I might buy a fushia coloured lippy..but if a look like an idiot I am sooo not going to post pics!
Oh and before anyone asks it is a purple pinkish colour just before you might think its just pink!
So does it suit me?

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