Saturday, 30 May 2009

Shoulder pads on the beach, bizatch.

So, today was a pretty packed day and thank God I looked good or not I would've been grumpy all day. I went to a Japanese reunion, went to the derm (the face is being STUBBOOOOORRRNN), went to another thingy and then went to watch Angels and Demons. I laughed at how much time was wasted just from the explanations. Seriously. I think they would have actually saved allt he cardinal if they could shut Robert Langdon up.

  • Vintage polkadot top
  • DIY cutoffs
  • Brown belt
  • The Fly chrome flats

Anyway, my Padre just got me the most awesome watch ever:

It only works when touching skin (which, OK, can be a bit fussy, but still. Awesome concept) and the numbers aren't in order! That's not really the beauty of it, actually. The beauty of it is that the hour hand doesn't turn clockwise every hour but it goes straight to the next number (e.g. 1 to 2) and it just makes me giggle. Seriously.


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