Friday, 12 March 2010

the pleasure, the privilege is mine.

Went to the Spring Semester Graduation Ceremony today and this is what I wore because I wasn't so sure whether or not we were supposed to dress formally. Turns out it was fifty-fifty since I saw a million people wear suits but also some just in jeans and shirts. I don't actually remember where I got most of this stuff but I do remember that the blazer is from Zara. One of my favourites since it's a gift for my eighteenth birthday last year. I was also going to wear my black booties but then I remembered that I'd probably do a lot of walking and aching feet probably wasn't on my agenda for today.

Oh, and here's a picture of my makeup today. I was inspired by the pretty-ness of Spring (if it ever comes here to Japan. Ugh) and how soft everything became. So it was all glowy and shimmer and some pinks. Yay.

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